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Buying A Casket At Costco

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  • Buying a Casket from Costco
  • The Cost of Caskets at Costco
  • Types of Caskets Offered at Costco
  • Casket Purchasing Guidelines
  • The Limitations of Shopping at Costco
  • The Last Word

Buying a Casket from Costco

People usually know where they want their loved one to be laid to rest or interred, but the selection of a casket is commonly missed. Buying a casket online is not a process for which most individuals are prepared or have much expertise. 

Taking a decision may be complex, confusing, and often exorbitant, mainly when dealing with retail giants like Costco. One of the significant advantages of purchasing a casket from Costco is that you may be able to save a considerable amount of cash on the purchase. Costco caskets could be somewhat costlier than those available on other rival websites, but you need to assess the products’ quality.

Let us assist you in your search for a low-cost casket by providing information on purchasing a casket at Costco. First, we'll go through the different varieties of Costco caskets available. Then, let's learn how to buy a casket from Costco.


The Cost of Caskets at Costco

The quality and prices of caskets at Costco vary widely. Other online retailers may provide a cheaper casket, however, their products may not be crafted with high-quality materials.

It is indeed up to you to decide whether or not a high-end casket is necessary. The costs of Costco caskets vary depending on the specific material used in its manufacture. Therefore, before determining whether Costco rates are appropriate, you should discover the average price of various types of caskets.


Types of Caskets Offered at Costco:

Costco exclusively sells half-couch caskets on its site. The term "half-couch" refers to the form of the lid, which is divided right through the middle as compared to a "full-couch" casket. It enables the upper half of the remains to be shown during an open-casket viewing.

  • Caskets made of 18-gauge steel

Costco offers an 18-gauge steel casket with the Lord's Prayer inscribed on the inner cover. The retail giant also supplies blue and silver 18-gauge steel caskets. You may also have one with a pinkish tint and a rose picture on the interior of the lid. Metal caskets are measured in terms of thickness. Typically, 18-gauge steel caskets are more costly than 20-gauge steel caskets.

  • Caskets made of solid wood

Costco also sells two solid popular wood caskets. One of the wood caskets is suitable for open-casket viewing and cremation. You'll note that there are no apparent metal handles on this casket. The description does not confirm that this item is entirely metal-free, which is required by several religious organizations.

The handles and structure of the other wood casket alternative available on Costco's website are made of metal, but it’s not suitable for cremation.


Casket Purchasing Guidelines

 Here are the specific guidelines to be considered when buying a casket at Costco's online outlet:

  • You need a Costco Membership to buy a Casket

In order to make a purchase, you must enter your Costco membership ID on the website. Costco's prices for quality caskets are so affordable that it's worth getting a membership just for this item.

  • Costco casket deliveries must be accepted by funeral homes.

Funeral homes are required by the Federal Trade Commission to acknowledge any casket supplied by any vendor. There will be no additional charges if you use a Costco casket instead of one purchased from a funeral home. You are not required to be present at the funeral home when the casket is delivered.

  • Costco caskets can only be delivered to a funeral home.

Costco will not let a casket be shipped anywhere other than a funeral home. Therefore, when ordering a casket online, you need to provide the deceased's details like the name, address, and phone number of the funeral home.

  • Confirm the specifics of delivery. 

Before the order can be shipped, you must confirm the shipment time, date, and address of the delivery.

  • The casket price includes shipping.

If you buy a casket from Costco, you will not be charged any additional shipping expenses. However, not all online retailers include the cost of delivery in the casket price.


The Limitations of Shopping at Costco

  • Costco does not sell pre-paid caskets.

Many funeral homes enable you to buy a prepaid casket ahead of the demise of a loved one. Unfortunately, this is not permitted at Costco.

  • A Costco casket cannot be customized.

 Numerous online vendors often allow you to customize the casket by selecting a specific liner color or engraving a picture on the casket's exterior. Unfortunately, this is not feasible if you order a casket from Costco. To customize a casket please visit Titan Casket's Custom Casket web page and make a casket of your choice. 

  • Costco caskets are not available in every state.

Costco caskets are available in only 37 states as of today. Please keep in mind that the bill-to and ship-to addresses must be from one of the states listed, or your order will be canceled.


The Last Word

Investing a lot of money in someone's funeral isn't the only way to express your love and respect for them. However, there's also nothing wrong with preparing a funeral on a shoestring budget. And today, you have many alternatives for low-budget funeral ceremonies, such as the online service provided by us at Titan Caskets, by offering low-cost, quality funeral products delivered to your doorstep.

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