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Titan Orion Series Steel Casket Red Main View
Titan Orion Series Steel Casket Red Foot End View
Titan Orion Series Steel Casket Red End Angle View
Titan Orion Series Steel Casket Red Open Head Panel View
Titan Orion Series Steel Casket Red Closed View
Titan Orion Series Steel Casket Red Alternate Angle View

Titan Orion Series | Red

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This magnificent casket is a perfect choice to honor a loved one. Meticulously prepared in a high-gloss red finish, this casket will be sure to impress with its sculpted, detailed hardware, squared-corner design, reinforced stationary handles, and ‘soft to the touch' white crepe interior. 

Why We Recommend This One: The Orion Series Steel Casket represents a blend of class and quality and is fully customizable. This casket can be built with  with or without a rubber gasket, or with any image in the head panel. With sculpted hardware and available in a wide variety of colors, the Orion Series Steel Casket is a great choice.

Key Features:

  • Sculpted Hardware. The exterior of the casket and all metal hardware has been intricately sculpted, providing a high level of functional aesthetics to the overall design.

  • Stationary Handles. For easy transport, this casket includes reinforced stationary handles.

  • Gasket Available. This casket is available non-gasketed or with a full rubber gasket for $100 more.

  • High Gloss Finish. We enhance the look of the steel with a high gloss red finish.

  • Crepe Interior. The white crepe interior is lightly patterned and very soft to the touch.

  • Adjustable Bed. Both the head and foot end of the bed can be adjusted.

  • Wide Range of Colors. Visit here to view our extensive color selection.

  • Larger Sizes Available. Visit here for more information.

  • Personalize With an Embroidered Head Panel. For a more tailor-made effect, visit here to view our Titan Panel Collection.

  • Custom Options. Call us at 501-420-3990, or ask us in the chat.

Why You Should Buy from Titan Casket:

  • Buy direct and save. Use the FTC’s funeral rule to ship to the funeral home of your choice and save 85% or more off the price of a casket.

  • Modern, hand-crafted design. Made in the USA using high-quality and locally-sourced materials.

  • Trusted, high quality service. We are your friend in the funeral business, and here for you 24/7.


Country of Origin: USA

Size (interior): 79"L x 24 "W x 14"H

Size (exterior): 83"L x 28"W x 23"H 

Weight: 180 pounds

Designed to fit standard size burial vaults