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Titan Veteran Select XL | AIR FORCE | Dark Blue Steel Casket with Dark Blue Interior | 28", 29", 33", 36" - Titan Casket

Titan Veteran Select XL | AIR FORCE | Dark Blue Steel Casket with Dark Blue Interior | 28", 29", 33", 36"

Titan Casket
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Made in the USA, the Titan Veteran Select Air Force XL casket is the perfect way to honor a loved one's military career. Featuring 20-gauge steel, a high-gloss dark blue exterior, and patriotic imagery on the hardware and interior, this distinguished Air Force coffin is a proud symbol of duty and service. 

Available in 28", 29", 33", 36" and larger sizes. 

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Key Features:

  • Swingbar Handles. The hinged handles pivot outwardly for ease of transport and an elegant effect.
  • Detailed, Sculpted Hardware. The exterior of the coffin and all-metal hardware showcase intricate detail.
  • Gasketed Casket. This casket comes with a full rubber gasket.
  • Branch of Service Head Panel. The interior head panel proudly features an embroidered seal that represents the Air Force.
  • Lined Poly Interior. The silver-lined dark blue poly blend interior adds dimension and depth to this sophisticated casket.


Why You Should Buy from Titan Casket:

  • Buy direct and save. Use the FTC’s Funeral Rule to ship to the funeral home of your choice and save 85% or more off the price of a casket.
  • Modern, hand-crafted design. Made in the USA using high-quality and locally-sourced materials.
  • Trusted, high- quality service. We are your friend in the funeral business, and here for you 24/7.

Country of Origin: USA


  Size (interior)
Size (Exterior)

79"L x 27.75 "W x 14"H

83"L x 28"W x 23"H

79"L x 28.75 "W x 14"H

83"L x 29"W x 23"H

79"L x 32.75 "W x 14"H

83"L x 33"W x 23"H

79"L x 35.75 "W x 14"H

83"L x 36"W x 23"H

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