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Harbor Caskets - The Harbor Poplar XL Solid Poplar Hardwood Casket. Comes with Walnut Finish, Oversize Casket comes in  27-inches or larger.

Titan Poplar XL Oversize Series | Titan Casket

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The Titan Poplar XL is our most affordable wood casket model, made with Poplar hardwood - the most popular wood type for caskets.

This oversized Poplar hardwood casket is available in 27" or larger sizes per custom order.

Why We Recommend This One: Available with a Walnut finish, the Poplar brings the class and style of wood at an affordable price point.

Key Features:

  • Solid Poplar Wood. Solid Poplar wood is one of the most common hardwoods in the US, known for its utility. We add a mahogany or pecan finish for a distinguished look at an affordable price point.

  • Distinctive Shell Design. The pattern is nuanced and intricate; you can see the craftsmanship and artistry in every rounded edge and design element.

  • Gloss Finish. Once the shell is complete, we add significance to the wood grain with a gloss finish in Walnut

  • Swing Bars for Easy Transport. Solid wood can be heavy. We provide convenience and style by adding swing bars for easy transport.

  • Crepe Interior. The Crepe interior of the casket is lightly patterned and very soft to the touch.

  • Adjustable Bed. The head end of the bed can be adjusted.

Why You Should Buy from Titan Casket:

  • Buy direct and save. Use the FTC’s funeral rule to ship to the funeral home of your choice and save 50% or more off the price of a casket.

  • Modern, hand-crafted design. Made in the USA using high-quality and locally-sourced materials.

  • Trusted, high quality service. We are your friend in the funeral business, and here for you 24/7.

Specifications of the 27": 

Country of Origin: USA

Shell: Solid Poplar Hardwood

Size (interior): 27"W

Size (exterior): 83"L x 28"W x 23"H 

Designed to fit all standard size burial vaults