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Can I put keepsakes inside the casket?

Can I put keepsakes inside the casket?

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What Is Inside A Casket Alongside The Deceased body?

Inside a casket, you can find several items related to the deceased. Losing a loved one is a harrowing experience. You might have wanted to have one last conversation, tell them something emotionally significant, or just spend more time with them. Even after their death, their belongings may remind you of them. Their clothes, jewelry, video games, favorite flowers, favorite food, or even photographs. You can actually bury some of their belongings along with the deceased. Some people consider that doing so helps the departed soul whereas some people do it because it gives them emotional closure. 

Types Of Items You Can Consider Placing In The Casket Of Your Loved One

What you choose to place in the casket of your loved one is a very personal and emotionally heavy decision. Here are some options which might help you decide:

  1. Flowers

The first thing that might come to your mind is flowers. Flowers are suitable for almost every occasion and can be a beautiful addition to the casket interiors.

  1. Honorary medals.

Medals signify sacrifice, honor and become a part of some people’s identities, especially veterans. If your loved one had earned medals, consider placing them inside a casket.

  1. Stuffed animals or blankets.

If the deceased was young or had a fondness for stuffed animals, then you can place them in the casket interiors.

  1. Alcohol, cigars, or cigarettes.

Some people have a fondness for a particular brand of alcohol or cigars. As a final goodbye gift, you can consider placing a bottle or a pack of smokes with your loved one. Please avoid placing any glass items though, in case the body will be cremated.

  1. Letters.

Is there anything more touching than handwritten letters from loved ones?  Place them in the casket or the pocket of your loved one.

  1. Electronic devices.

Modern life is synonymous with laptops, mobile phones, and earbuds. Hence, it’s understandable why you may consider burying your loved one’s mobile phone with them.

  1. Flags.

If the deceased served in the military or was generally patriotic, then you can respect their patriotism by placing a flag inside the casket before burial.

  1. Special clothes.

A lot of people have clothing items that they consider special. For some, it’s a sports jersey, for others, it could be their wedding tux. Whatever the case may be, you can place your loved one’s favorite clothes in their casket.

  1. Musical instruments.

Was the deceased a pianist or a violinist or fond of any other musical instrument? If this is the case, then you may bury their musical instrument along with them.

  1. Hats.

Hats are a part of some people’s everyday looks. Hence, you can decide to tuck your loved one’s favorite hat in the casket, with them.

  1. Money.

You can also place some cash for symbolic or other purposes, alongside the deceased.

  1. Weapons.

Whether your loved one was a hobby shooter or had a ceremonial sword, you can request for it to be placed in the casket.

  1. Pet cremations or photos.

Dogs and cats are part of many families. If your loved one’s pet is still alive, you can place their photos in the casket. If they’ve died, then you can place their cremated remains.

  1. Glasses.

In case your loved one used to wear prescription glasses or perhaps had a pair of favorite sunglasses, then you can bury it with them.

Items That You Might Avoid Placing Inside The Casket Interiors

Depending on whether the deceased will be cremated or buried, there are certain items that you might want to avoid placing in their casket.  For instance – plastics are non-biodegradable and hence, some green cemeteries might forbid them to be placed in the casket. In the case of cremation, electronic items can pose a risk when burnt, due to which it’s advisable to avoid placing them. You can opt for environment-friendly options while deciding what to place in your loved one’s casket.