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About Buying a Coffin

At Titan Casket, we make buying a coffin online simple. By offering handcrafted coffins at revolutionary prices that are shipped directly to the funeral home, we strive to provide grieving families a way to honor their loved ones in a personalized yet affordable style. All of our coffins and caskets can be fully customized with an array of colors, head panels, hardware, imagery, and steel thicknesses. From the moment you first contact us to the day of the funeral, a Titan funeral concierge will be available 24/7 to support you as you celebrate your loved one in a way that truly reflects their unique spirit.

Coffins Versus Caskets

Today, the words “coffin” and "casket" are used interchangeably to refer to funerary boxes, but, technically, there is a design difference between the two. Caskets are four-sided and rectangular, while coffins are hexagonal with pushed-out shoulders and a tapered foot. The hexagonal coffin design was the dominant style throughout the world until the mid-19th century, when the more ornamental casket-style funerary box rose to prominence in the United States. Not coincidentally, the ornamental caskets became more popular as the techniques for embalming advanced, and end-of-life celebrations became more complex. To learn more about the fascinating history of coffins and caskets, click here.

Coffin Material


Titan’s metal coffins are made from the highest quality American-produced steel and finished with a vivid high-gloss. Our range of elegant metal coffins starts at $999, and they all can be customized in terms of steel thickness, color, and hardware. Head panels and imagery can also be personalized, and the coffins are offered in standard and oversized widths. Most steel coffins or caskets feature a locking mechanism and a rubber gasket to protect the casket from the elements. While the gasket does protect the interior from dirt and water, gaskets do not stop body decomposition, and the FTC’s Funeral Rule prohibits any vendor from making claims that their caskets grant eternal preservation.


Classically beautiful, wood coffins are typically crafted from hardwood or softwood. Softwood options include simple yet sophisticated pine coffins and caskets that are metal-free, making them cremation safe, eco-friendly, and favored for Jewish burial services. Hardwood caskets are crafted from Mahogany, Cherry, Poplar, Oak, and Satinwood and are available in a wide variety of finishes. Starting at $799, all of Titan’s handcrafted wooden coffins are customizable and offer a traditionally lovely option for honoring your loved one.

Seagrass, Bamboo, and Willow

With an eye toward sustainability, Titan has introduced additional options into our eco-friendly collections. Certified Fair Trade, the seagrass/willow, bamboo grass, and all-willow caskets are sturdy coffins hand-woven in Bangladesh. The seagrass is not marine harvested but rather sourced via cultivated fields, while willow is a fast-growing plant that can be harvested without being cut down. Each coffin for sale is lined in unbleached, natural cotton with a matching privacy shield and pillow, while the willow casket is available with a viewing lid for open-casket funeral services. These coffins, when buried directly into the earth (as opposed to a vault), will break down naturally over time. These are also well-suited as eco-friendly cremation casket options.

Cloth and Particle Board

Titan’s cloth-covered particle board coffins are skillfully handcrafted options that are more economical than wooden, steel, or willow options. Noted for its streamlined styling and decorative cloth covering, our cloth and particle board coffins and caskets offer a graceful and dignified option for honoring your loved one. These affordable coffins can be designed with a range of interior styles, colors, and different lid types and are available in standard and oversized widths.

Coffin Colors

Titan’s steel coffins and caskets are available in more than 20 exterior colors (with an array of interior fabric options) -- from brilliant red or vivid purple to stately black or delicate pink, your loved one’s favorite color can be incorporated. In fact, you can choose two colors, one for the lid and one for the base of the coffin. This allows you to personalize your loved one’s coffin to reflect school colors, national colors, their favorite team, or anything else that was important to them in life.

Head Panels

Exquisitely embroidered head panels can add an element of personalization to any coffin or casket. From patriotic or religious imagery to artwork celebrating a particular interest, options abound. Titan offers more than 150 head panel options that can be included in your order or shipped separately to you for easy installation. If you have any questions about which background color or threading is the best match to your coffin’s colors, feel free to reach out to us in the chat or by phone at 501-420-3990.

Steel Thickness

When choosing a coffin from Titan or designing your own, you can customize the steel’s thickness. Our steel caskets are typically made from American-manufactured 20-gauge steel, but a heavier 18-gauge option is also available for a small added cost. A 16-gauge stainless steel casket or coffin can be produced upon request.

Oversized Coffins

Titan has a variety of oversized coffins for sale online, including the Titan Atlas XL Steel Oversize Casket Collection, the Jupiter XL Oversize Swingbar Steel Casket, the Veteran Select XL Oversize Steel Casket, and Oversize Wood Caskets. These coffins can be bought in numerous widths, including 28-inch, 29-inch, 33-inch, and 36-inch sizes, as well as 40-inch and 44-inch sizes upon request.

Military Coffins

Titan’s distinguished military coffins and veterans’ caskets are a perfect way to bid farewell to your loved one while honoring their military service. Choose a head panel that reflects the deceased’s branch of service or opt for a customized tribute, including a variety of patriotic imagery. This collection is also available with wider interiors to accommodate those who need more space.

Eco Coffins

We have a growing range of eco-friendly coffins and caskets ideal for honoring a loved one who desired a “greener” end-of-life ritual. Among our most popular models is the handcrafted White Pine coffin, which is 100% wood construction, including the screws. It is perfectly suitable for “green” cemeteries, as well as Jewish funerals. Our newest sustainable funeral caskets include hand-woven Fair Trade Bamboo, Seagrass, and Willow models. All of these environmentally-friendly coffins and caskets can also be used as cremation containers.

Coffin Customizations

Titan’s mission is to offer the highest quality coffins and caskets in styles and colors that are part of a personalized tribute to the departed. With that in mind, we welcome customization requests, which we can often make for free and without adding production time. You can submit questions about specific custom details by phone or in the chat window; We also offer the world’s only Design Your Own Custom-Made Casket tool.

Funeral Coffin Prices

The average price of a funeral home coffin is more than $2,000; however, buying a casket online instead can reduce your expenses by up to 85%. Our casket and coffin prices start at $679 for a simple yet dignified Cloth model, to $1,999 and beyond, depending on your size and style preference. Despite being offered at a fraction of the cost, Titan’s high-quality, handcrafted coffins and caskets serve as the perfect tribute to your departed loved one. For more information on casket costs, click here.

Shipping and Delivery FAQs

Titan Casket proudly offers free and quick standard shipping. Of course, if you need the coffin on a specific date, give us a call, and we can usually accommodate those requests. We can also set up notifications before delivery, which would allow you to be present at the funeral home to inspect the coffin when it is delivered. Please note that you are not required to be at the funeral home at the time of the delivery. If you are planning a DIY or at-home funeral at a residential location, the delivery carrier will call to set up a time for you to accept delivery at that address.

The FTC Funeral Rule: Your Rights

In 1984, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) put a new series of federal regulations in place to protect consumers from being taken advantage of during funeral planning. The new rules immediately placed a limit on the services and products that are required to be purchased from funeral homes.

One of the Funeral Rule’s most important elements is that it explicitly gives consumers the right to ship a coffin or casket that they have purchased from a third-party vendor to the funeral services provider. Funeral homes are required to accept the coffin you provide without any extra penalties or added fees. This can result in enormous cost savings to consumers (up to 85%), as buying a casket online from a reputable vendor like Titan Casket can be significantly less expensive than comparable models offered at funeral homes. It also means that consumers have access to more options and a greater ability for customization. To learn more about the FTC’s Funeral Rule, click here.

Why Titan Casket?

Titan Casket is a family business founded on the belief that there had to be a better way to help families navigate the frustrating and exceedingly expensive funeral planning process. By disrupting traditional channels, designing coffins and caskets in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we found our way. As our mission says: “When you contact Titan, you are talking to a member of our family ... we will be with you the entire way - from your first call to well after the funeral to make sure you are satisfied and have the funeral and casket your loved one deserves.”

Our elegant funeral coffins feature modern designs and the very best craftsmanship. Each of our handcrafted coffins can be fully customized, which allows you to buy a funeral casket that can be personalized to truly reflect your loved one’s life. While our caskets and coffins are of the highest quality, they are available at the same prices or lower than others’ lower-quality imports. And all of Titan’s coffins and caskets have free standard shipping.

At Titan Casket, we believe that everyone has the right to a meaningful, memorable, and personalized funeral at an affordable price. We believe that grieving families should be treated with respect and dignity, and so we do.