Funeral Planning

Funeral planning involves a seemingly endless array of decisions that need to be made while trying to honor a loved one’s life at a time when emotions are running high. In addition to wanting to reflect the departed’s wishes and style, you may be facing significant budgetary issues, timing requirements, and religious considerations that need to be incorporated into your funeral plan. Our Titan Casket team is made up of caring, non-commissioned experts who understand the complex decisions you are about to make and are here to help. With our informative articles, Titan Casket strives to offer you advice that will help guide you through funeral planning.

Table of Contents

  1. The Titan Casket Funeral Planning Information Hub
  2. Funeral Planning
  1. Cremation Vs Burial
  1. Choosing A Cemetery Or Gravestone
  1. DIY Funerals
  1. Planning Natural Green Burials
  1. Pre-planning A Funeral
  1. Funeral Etiquette

1. The Titan Casket Funeral Planning Information Hub

Titan Casket’s goal is to offer you invaluable funeral planning resources to assist you in making the best choices for you and your family, no matter what your budget, with the least amount of stress possible. While many choose to make funeral arrangements through their local community funeral homes, a growing number of people are opting for Do-It-Yourself (DIY) funerals, at-home body care, or informal memorial services following cremation. While there are legal requirements to follow, the design of your farewell event allows for significant customization. 

We recognize that every end-of-life service is different, and we strive to offer information that can be adjusted easily no matter how customized the funeral or memorial service is or where the service takes place. Above all else, we want you to be able to design an end-of-life service that is as unique as your loved one. Their passion, personality, and interests can be as reflected in the arrangements as you want them to be. And as your ally in your funeral planning, Titan Casket strives to provide you with advice, products, and recommendations that fit any budget.

Whether you are at the early stages of pre-planning your own end-of-life celebrations, a family member in the midst of planning a funeral for a loved one, or someone attending your first funeral, questions about the service, etiquette, and attire will arise. Titan Casket’s funeral planning articles are crafted to help you take the steps necessary to proceed with drafting funeral plans during what can be one of the most difficult times of your life. Our articles also offer suggestions for the best ways to support family and friends while you are grieving the loss of someone important to you.  

Our funeral planning information hub offers you a reliable spot to get answers to the most often asked funeral planning questions, from considerations relating to open casket funerals to choosing pallbearers or selecting the best funeral songs, and much, much more. And, of course, if you would like to talk to a funeral concierge for help with specific questions relating to your loved one, Titan Casket is always here to help, 24/7. Just give us a call at 1-501-298-4346, and you will be connected to a funeral concierge who can provide you the support you need during this complex process. 

Below you will find links to some of Titan Casket’s most popular funeral planning articles.

2. Funeral Planning

How to Plan a Funeral
Titan Casket offers a comprehensive guide to how to get your funeral planning process started and an explanation of the difference between a funeral and a memorial service. [learn more]

Ways to Reduce Funeral Expenses
Read on for a quick list of ways to reduce your funeral expenses as you begin the planning process. [learn more]

Six Ways of Paying for a Funeral
This article reviews six modern ways of paying for a funeral, including pre-need coverage, life insurance, payable-on-death accounts, funeral loans, government and nonprofit assistance, and crowdfunding. [learn more]

How Long After Death is a Funeral?
We break down the rules dictating how long after death a funeral should be held, as well as the issues surrounding memorial services, cremations, and at-home, DIY funerals. [learn more]

How Do You Plan an Open Casket Funeral?
Titan Casket discusses the planning process and other unique aspects of open casket funerals, including why this type of funeral service might be chosen and body preparation. [learn more]

Planning a Graveside Service

Titan Casket offers this helpful guide to planning a graveside service, from working with cemetery staff to ideas for readings, prayers, and eulogies. [learn more]

Firefighter Funeral
From the level of formality of the funeral to the casket you choose, this article explores the way to celebrate a departed firefighter’s life with dignity. [learn more]

How Do You Choose Funeral Pallbearers?
Titan Casket provides a guide on selecting the casket-carrying pallbearers and honorary pallbearers for your loved one’s funeral, as well as the responsibilities, requirements, and attire guidelines for those taking on the role. [learn more]

Creating a Memorial Website

Titan reviews the critical elements that should be included if you create a memorial website, including everything from the official obituary and public funeral or memorial service details to a central location for photos, videos, and condolences. [learn more]

What is a Funeral Visitation?
Read on as Titan Casket discusses what typically occurs during a visitation, when it happens, and how it differs from a funeral or memorial service. [learn more]

Creating a Memorial/Funeral Service Program
This article offers suggestions on some of the best ways to create a memorial or funeral service program, a valuable keepsake for mourners. [learn more]

15 Memorial Quotes to Use in a Eulogy or Obituary
This article includes a list of 15 memorial quotes that can help you say what you feel when you can’t find the right words while preparing a eulogy or obituary. [learn more]

6 Funeral Poems to Honor Loved Ones
Poetry can put emotions into words even when we struggle to express them -- here are 6 beautiful poems that capture the subtleties of life, grief, and loss. [learn more]

What Types of Flowers are Used in Funeral Arrangements?
Titan Casket offers advice on what the most common funeral flower arrangements are, when funeral arrangements should be sent and when floral funeral arrangements are not appropriate, as well as other frequently asked questions. [learn more]

How Do You Choose Funeral Songs?
Titan Casket offers suggestions for today’s most popular funeral songs, whether you are planning church funeral services, a DIY home funeral, or a memorial event. [learn more]

3. Cremation vs Burial

How Does Cremation Work?
In this article, Titan Casket delves deeply into what happens when a body is cremated and the reasons why people may choose this process. [learn more]

How Much Do Cremations Cost?
Titan Casket reviews the costs associated with cremations and the different factors, such as the type of cremation and location of the event, that may impact those costs. [learn more]

Cremation vs. Burial Costs
This article examines the costs associated with cremation versus burial and the key aspects of each option. [learn more]

4. Choosing a Cemetery or Gravestone

Choosing the Perfect Final Resting Place
Titan Casket offers this guide on how to choose a cemetery for a final resting place, whether you are doing it just prior to burial or pre-need. [learn more]

How to Choose a Cemetery for a Final Resting Place
Titan Casket reviews the questions you should ask when choosing a cemetery and/or cemetery plot, columbarium, mausoleum, and crypt pricing, and explores a variety of cemetery services that may be available to you. [learn more

How to Buy a Gravestone
This article explores the differences between a gravestone, headstone, and tombstone, as well as issues you should keep in mind that will allow you to buy the gravestone that best honors your loved one. [learn more]

5. DIY Funerals

How to Care for a Body at Home
This Titan Casket article explores the choice to care for a loved one's body at home as part of the grieving process, as well as the steps involved in bathing the body, preparing the body prior to services, cooling the body, and the documentation that may be needed to acquire a death certificate and transport the body to its final resting place. [learn more]

Planning a DIY Funeral or Memorial Service
Titan Casket provides a guide to planning a DIY funeral or memorial service, including advice on selecting a location, planning the funeral ceremony, planning the burial or cremation, and the benefits of a DIY funeral. [learn more]

6. Planning Natural Green Burials

What is a Natural Green Burial?
This article explains what it means to have a natural burial and the eco-friendly options that help make even more traditional funerals more “green.” [learn more]

Embalming vs. A Green Natural Burial
In this article, Titan compares traditional burial approaches versus green burials, including the availability and benefits of natural burial caskets. [learn more]

Caskets for Natural Burials
Review the options for natural and green casket materials, as well as the growing trend toward natural burials in this article by Titan Casket. [learn more]

7. Pre-Planning a Funeral

How Does a Prepaid Funeral Plan Work?
Titan Casket answers often asked questions about how a prepaid funeral plan works and explains how Titan Care is a flexible, more secure alternative to traditional methods of paying for a funeral. [learn more]

Planning for a Funeral in Advance
Titan Casket reviews methods for planning for a funeral in advance that gives you a voice in how your final journey will be recognized and helps to relieve your family and friends from making challenging decisions during a time of grief. [learn more]

Titan Care: Pre-Need Casket and Funeral Planning
Read on for a guide to Titan Care, Titan Casket’s flexible and secure way of addressing the costs associated with funerals before the need arises. [learn more]

8. Funeral Etiquette

Funeral Etiquette: What to Do Before, During, and After a Funeral
Titan Casket explores the etiquette rules that apply before, during, and after a traditional funeral service. [learn more]

How to Dress For a Funeral
Read on as Titan Casket offers our insight on wardrobe do's and don'ts for an upcoming, traditional funeral service. [learn more]

What to Wear to a Funeral (Men)
Titan Casket provides a general funeral attire guide for men in terms of what to wear for most services and a look into the clothing colors and attire styles that are typical (even recommended) in cultures around the world. [learn more]