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Oversize Caskets

Titan’s varied collection of oversize caskets are designed to comfortably accommodate loved ones who require additional space, and we offer options to suit every style and budget. Choose from steel, wood, and cloth coffins, available in widths ranging from 26” to 44”.

When to Purchase an Oversize Casket

There are several factors that determine the maximum weight a casket can support, most notably the material from which the coffin itself is made. Generally speaking, however, standard caskets are built to accommodate people who are around 6’5” in height and weigh 350 pounds or less. This estimate is not exact, and situations may vary. If your loved one was substantially taller than 6’5” or weighed more than 350 pounds, though, it is probably worthwhile to consider purchasing an oversized casket for them.

Of course, oversized caskets are not reserved exclusively for taller or larger people; anyone who would like to purchase one may do so, for whatever reason they choose.

Oversize Casket Dimensions

Titan offers several oversize caskets dimensions to meet your specific needs, starting at 28” in width and increasing to 29”, 33”, 36”, 40”, and 44”. Please contact us directly for 40” and 44” casket options.

The exterior length and height is the same for all of our oversized caskets (83" long and 23” high). The 28” and 29” caskets will fit within a standard-size burial vault.

Oversize Casket Materials


If you choose steel as the material for your oversize casket, Titan offers a wealth of impressive options from which to choose.

Our Atlas XL caskets are available in over 20 different colors, painted with a gleaming, high-gloss finish. The casket is adorned with meticulously crafted hardware and stationary handles in various metal shades (gold, silver, copper, and rose gold), depending on the paint color that you choose. Additional elements include a soft crepe interior and a customizable sunburst head panel, as well as an adjustable bed and a gasket sealer and lock. Atlas XL oversize caskets start at $1,399.

Titan’s Jupiter XL caskets are our premium line of oversized coffins, with upgraded hardware and enhanced swingbar handles. Like the Atlas XL series, these caskets can be chosen in over 20 colors, each finished to a high glossy shine. A subtly designed crepe interior and customizable sunburst head panel complete the look; the casket also features an adjustable bed and a gasket sealer and lock. Jupiter XL caskets start at $1,699.

Commemorate your loved one’s service in the armed forces with a majestic Veteran Select XL oversize casket. Available for each of the five branches of the military - Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, and Coast Guard - these remarkable coffins are painstakingly constructed and finished with a high gloss. The hardware and the head panel of the casket contain imagery related to the branch of service chosen, and the interior and exterior colors correspond to the branch as well. The interior fabric is made of a poly blend with distinctive contrast piping, but can also be customized with white crepe for no additional charge. Our Veteran Select XL caskets start at $2,099.

Our Paris Rose XL casket is uniquely gorgeous and carefully finished by hand, with a glossy white finish and a delicate pink crepe interior. In keeping with its name, this casket features a floral theme, with an embroidered triple rose head panel; the rose gold hardware also features floral imagery. Additional elements include an adjustable bed and a full rubber gasket. The Paris Rose XL casket offers affordable luxury at $1,799.

We construct our oversized caskets from sturdy, American-manufactured 20-gauge steel, but we also offer an 18-gauge option for a small added cost. A custom 16-gauge stainless steel option is available upon request. Likewise, our oversize steel caskets are crafted with a half couch (split lid) design, but can be upgraded to a full-couch design - featuring a single lid from head to toe - for a small fee.


For those looking to buy an oversized wooden casket, Titan offers two different styles.

The Major XL is crafted from poplar hardwood by Amish artisans here in the United States, and is finished with a satin walnut stain. Simple yet sophisticated, it is built with a split lid design and includes wood and metal hardware, as well as reinforced swingbar handles to ensure easy transport. The crepe interior is extremely soft and lightly gathered for a subtly elegant effect. Major XL caskets are priced starting at $2,499.

Our Poplar XL casket is also made from poplar hardwood, complemented by a sleek satin walnut finish, but its edges are more rounded than those of the Major XL casket. This coffin features a soft crepe interior, reinforced swingbar handles and metal and wood hardware, as well as a split lid design. Classic and understated, Poplar XL coffins are an ideal choice for honoring a cherished loved one; they begin at $2,199.


Our Oversized Cloth caskets are the perfect option for families interested in planning a more environmentally sustainable funeral. These coffins are made of corrugated cardboard and covered with a lovely blue-gray patterned cloth; they also include a patterned white crepe interior, an adjustable bed, and reinforced stationary handles. Oversized Cloth caskets are priced at $799.

Customization Options

We’ve made it possible for you to customize many of the design and construction elements of your casket, in order to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your purchase. In addition to an array of beautiful colors, you can choose between swingbar or stationary handles in silver, copper, or gold. We also offer over 150 exquisitely embroidered head panel options that can be included in your order or shipped separately to you for easy installation - from patriotic or religious imagery to artwork celebrating a loved one’s particular hobby. If you have any questions, including concerns about which background color or threading is the best match against your casket’s colors, feel free to reach out to us in the chat or by phone at 501-420-3990.

Shipping and Delivery FAQs

Titan Casket proudly offers free and quick standard shipping. Of course, if you need your metal casket delivered on a specific date, give us a call and we can usually accommodate those requests.

Why Titan Casket?

Titan Casket is a family business founded on the belief that there had to be a better way to help families navigate the frustrating and exceedingly expensive funeral planning process. By disrupting traditional channels, designing coffins and caskets in-house, and engaging with customers directly, we found our way. As our mission says: “When you contact Titan, you are talking to a member of our family ... we will be with you the entire way - from your first call to well after the funeral to make sure you are satisfied and have the funeral and casket your loved one deserves.”

All of our caskets are meticulously crafted with superior materials, yet are available at the same prices or lower than others’ lower-quality imports. And all of Titan’s coffins and caskets have free standard shipping.

At Titan Casket, we believe that everyone has the right to a meaningful, memorable, and personalized funeral at an affordable price. We believe that grieving families should be treated with respect and dignity, and so we do.