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Our Casket Company Story

We Noticed a Problem ... and Found a Solution as a Casket Company

Funeral planning is confusing and overwhelming. People often feel they have no choice but to purchase everything from their funeral director. Funeral homes often take advantage of this fact by offering poor-quality caskets and coffins from casket companies overseas at very high prices. Families who wish to say a dignified goodbye to their loved ones can be easy targets and frequently end up spending far more money than they should.  

Caskets and coffins are among the most expensive of all funeral-related expenses. They are often sold to funeral homes at highly marked-up prices because consumers are unaware that they may supply their own casket from an online casket-maker. Thanks to the Funeral Rule, which is federal law, every customer has the right to purchase a casket and have it delivered to their funeral home without being charged any penalties or fees by the home.

Our Mission as a Casket Company

We started Titan Casket with the notion that there has to be a better, kinder way to help grieving families through this sensitive time. As casket-makers, our caskets and coffins are handcrafted here in the USA and shipped directly from our warehouses, which allows us to pass significant cost savings along to our clients.

Our casket company loves support people navigating this complex process and to help them feel confident in their decisions while saving a significant amount of money on a beautiful casket.  

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