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Premium Metal Urns at a Glance 

Losing a loved one is seldom easy. At Titan Casket, we understand the importance of honoring those who have departed. Preserve the memories of your dear ones with our premium metal urns. Our exquisite collection includes lightweight, durable and made-to-order urns at economical rates. You can ship the metal cremation urns directly from the manufacturer for greater variety and customization. In these challenging times, ease your hassle with Titan’s 1:1 support and guaranteed on-time delivery. We are here to ensure you can bid farewell most dignifiedly and prepare a sendoff worth remembering.

Metal Urns: Embellishing Lasting Legacy

Cremation holds profound meaning to many, and an instrumental element of the last rites is the cremation urn- a vessel that preserves the ashes post-cremation. Though often overlooked, choosing a suitable urn holds immense significance. Each choice, whether the design, material or size, mirrors a tribute to the deceased's soul.

The cremation urns are more than a canister; they are a timeless souvenir to treasure priceless memories. Hence, meticulous consideration of the urn's sturdiness, longevity and personalization is imperative.

Premium Metal Urns: An Artisanal Collection. 

Metal urns for ashes come in multiple designs and styles - a testament to the myriad souls they constitute. Our metal urn library has a vast collection, from nature-inspired motifs to contemporary sleek designs, something to symbolize every taste. Our urns are crafted from bespoke materials to ascertain durability and elegance. Serve a fitting tribute to your cherished one with an urn that resonates.

Types of Metal Urns

  • Brass Urns

Brass is known for its permanence and strength, and brass urns are a popular choice for those looking for an elegant and timeless way to preserve the ashes of their dear ones. They come in several designs and finishes, from traditional, classic, contemporary, and modern. Since brass is soft enough, it is easily customized. Artisans can etch intricate designs, coat paint or enamel and add metals like bronze, making them aesthetic and versatile. Since brass is also readily available, it is relatively inexpensive.

Some of the most popular brass metal urns for human ashes are geometric patterns, teardrop-shaped urns, floral motifs or decorative engravings. You can find these urns in different finishes ranging from shiny, polished, matte or brushed. Brass urn’s versatility, malleability and durability make it a perfect choice for keeping memories alive generation after generation.

  • Aluminum Urns

Aluminum metal urns for ashes are travel-friendly, affordable, adaptable, and popular among people who always wish to keep their loved ones close. They are lightweight, non-magnetic, and corrosion-resistant urns, making them easy to handle and store. Since these urns are malleable and can be painted, you can choose from an extensive selection that aptly depicts the personality of your loved one.  

If your dear one once enjoyed basking in the sunlight or outdoors, an aluminum urn can be a fitting choice as you can place them outdoors and indoors. It is reasonably cheaper than other metals yet equally sturdy and attractive, making it a popular go-to option for customers.

  • Stainless Steel Urns

Stainless steel (STST) urns consist of an alloy with approximately 10.5% chromium, making them scratch-proof. Manufacturers ensure rust resistance by laminating the urns with an oxide coating. Upon completion of the oxidation process, the underlying metal is protected from damage due to external factors. If you aspire to bring a modern touch to the soul of your loved one, then stainless steel metal cremation urns fit the bill. They come in various sleek and elegant designs in different finishes like polished, matte or brushed.

STST cremation urns for ashes can withstand rough weather conditions and are durable, making them a fantastic option to keep outdoors and indoors, serving as a timeless tribute to the ones who left for their heavenly abode.  

  • Bronze Urns

A mixture of copper, tin and other metals results in a bronze cremation urn. Bronze urns should be your go-to option to give the urn a sculpture-like look. Often, statutes and monuments carved from bronze tend to catch the eye. Similarly, bronze urns have a lasting impact with lustrous and intricate designs.

These monuments can be a sweet token of remembrance, like a lighthouse urn for someone who loved the tranquility of oceans or a helmet and boot urn for paying tribute to a soldier. Make the most of it by creating long-lasting and unique bronze metal urns for human ashes that resemble the lingering aftertaste of your revered one.

  • Pewter Urns

Pewter is a malleable, hard-wearing metal that can easily be personalized and engraved with intricate patterns. It has a lustrous, warm and soft appearance, making it an ideal selection for people who desire to safeguard the memories of their dear ones in the most sacred and dignified manner.  Pewter is a refined silver color metal, and one of its most striking features is it can be dyed into solid hues such as gold.

Pewter urns look incredibly stunning when etched with patterns on the base of the urn, the neck of the urn, and the lid. It is a befitting opportunity to inscribe a loving message for your adored ones. 

  • Copper Urns

For centuries, copper has been favored to make jewelry in art and architecture and molded into intricate patterns due to its versatile and malleable properties. It is a soft metal and can be adorned with thoughtful engravings. If you want to personalize the cremation urn, copper urns can be the answer. Also, you can decorate the urn by applying different coats, from antique to polished to brushed.  

Copper metal is often symbolic of nature due to its ability to develop a greenish-blue film on the surface upon oxidation. If you have lost someone who believed in sustainability and being close to nature, the natural manner to enhance the urn’s exterior would be the best way to preserve their remains.

Furthermore, copper urns are eco-friendly, durable, long-lasting, corrosion-resistant and lightweight, making them easy to carry or travel with. Everyone who is environmentally conscious must think about picking copper cremation urns to preserve the ashes of a loved one.

  • Metal Urn: Find the Perfect Fit

While there are a plethora of urns to choose from, understanding what you wish to do with the cremation urn after it is filled will help you make the right choice regarding the shape, size and design. Let us walk you through how one might like to store the metal cremation urns.  

  1. Storing the Urn at Home: One of the popular ways to pay reverence to your cherished one is to store the cremation urn at home. It is a tangible manner to preserve the ashes of the departed amidst the comfort of family members. Selecting a durable and reliable urn will be the most appropriate way to keep the ashes at home.
  2. In Ground burial: Metal urns made of bronze, stainless steel, brass, pewter or copper are most suitable because of their sturdiness. Metal urns can withstand the physical wear and tear caused over time. 
  3. Columbarium niche storage
    A columbarium niche is a compartment or a cavity located below or above ground. Size is the most crucial element for a mausoleum or columbarium niche. Ensure you ascertain the niche dimensions and pick an urn suitable for the space.
  4. Size and Capacity
    Once you have jotted the primary purpose for the metal urn, getting the right size and capacity is essential. The volume of the metal urn is calculated in cubic inches, which specifies the space inside the urn. The length of the urn will be based on the deceased’s weight before cremation. As a rule of thumb, one pound of body weight corresponds to one cubic inch of ash. Thus, someone weighing 300 pounds before cremation would require an urn with a storage capacity of 300 cubic inches.

    Moreover, consideration of the intended storage location is vital in fixing the size of the urn. It should fit in the burial site or niche or a mantel. And it is wiser to choose an urn with a slightly bigger capacity to preserve all the human ashes.

  5. Design & Style: Our loved ones possess unique characteristics and features akin to an urn. An extensive collection of metal urns for human ashes exists, with designs and styles that range from traditional to contemporary. We often love to remember the ones we lost with the prized memories we shared with them. And, each memory has a flavor of its own. The best way to honor the deceased is to personalize it with a design that echoes their personality. 

    For instance, if your dear one was a musician, a metal urn symbolized with musical instruments would be an apt way to bid final goodbyes. Similarly, if the deceased loved nature, nature-inspired motifs would immaculately represent their persona. Keeping in mind the preferences of the lost soul can assist you in making the correct decision. If they possessed a flare for everything contemporary, a sleek and minimalist metal urn design would serve the purpose. However, classic motifs such as geometric patterns, religious symbols, and floral designs would be popular if they were traditional.

  6. Personalization and Engraving 
    When it comes to customizing metal cremation urns, the possibilities are countless. You can create a purposeful and beautiful memorial by engraving the urn to add a distinctive characteristic of your loved one and carving their favorite  quotes or dialogues from their most watched movie or lyrics of their favored songs. Adding a name, date, or birthplace creates an exclusive impression. The engravings can be done using different fonts or scripts mirroring the personality of your dear ones. Every small attribute can make a big difference when customizing a metal urn.

    For example, if the departed soul was an avid rock lover, the urn can showcase the logo of their favorite rock band. If they were fascinated with a particular color, the urn can be made of shades of that color to express their likings and choices. Personalization of metal urns ensures you can provide a touching and lasting tribute to loved souls.

Why Titan Caskets? 

The legacy of Titan caskets stems from their desire to ease the painstaking process of planning a funeral. Arranging a funeral can be an expensive and tedious affair, especially during the time of mourning. By realizing the necessity to surpass traditional channels to assist you in organizing a dignified funeral, we bring 100% hand-crafted cremation urns sourced directly from the manufacturer. Explore an expansive range of premium metal cremation urns, one suited for differing personalities to bid a goodbye worth remembering.

All Titan Casket cremation urns are crafted from the highest quality materials and are suitable for customers looking for stellar craftsmanship. And the timeless design of the urns seamlessly blends with various interior styles with its understated luxury. Rest assured, with our 1:1 assistance from the Titan support team and on-time delivery of cremation urns, you are bound to select one that shall forever remain eternal.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the Benefits of Choosing a Metal Urn?

If you wish to store the metal cremation urn at home, in a burial ground or in a niche, it is essential to use a durable and long-lasting material. It should be sturdy enough to withstand the environmental wear and tear. In such cases, choosing a metal urn can be beneficial. Also, most metal urns are versatile and malleable, leaving you with enough designs and styles.

Q2. How do you determine the right size of the urn?

Before getting the proper estimates of the urn, please fix the storage place for the cremation urns. The size and shape of the urn will vary based on the dimensions of the location (height, width, length). For instance, an urn meant for home storage will have different size specifications than an urn meant for in-ground burial. Another aspect is the weight of the deceased because, as a rule of thumb, every 1 pound of weight corresponds to 1 cubic inch of the ash.

Q3. Can Metal Urns Be Used for Burial?

Metal urns are the most popular material used for preserving the ashes of your loved one because metals like aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, and others are versatile, durable and long-lasting metals. The finest part of these urns is they are weatherproof and can be engraved and personalized into different colorsand patterns. These urns are even capable of overcoming windstorms or heavy downpours.

Q4. Is Personalization Available for Metal Urns?

Metal urns can be personalized based on the deceased soul’s personality. Some of the metals are malleable and can easily be customized as per the preferences of the departed. You can have their initials, birth or death dates, favorite quotes, or logos of their preferred brands engraved. Additionally, you can customize the urns with colors your dear one loves or add logos based on their profession.

Q5. Are Metal Urns Suitable for Outdoor Memorials?

Yes, metal cremation urns, especially bronze and brass metal urns, are suitable for outdoor memorials because they are corrosion-resistant. Though they can form a greenish-blue layer, they are durable enough to withstand environmental wear and tear. Also, an oxidized layer can be applied to stainless steel metal urns to prevent corrosion. Metals are known for their durability and longevity, perfect for outdoor memorials.