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simple process

this was a very simple process. we were in an unusual place where we needed a very large casket. thank you for your time and the ease of this order.

Jasper (Cedar) | Solid Cedar Wood Casket
Gail Singleton (Oakton, VA)
Very pleased!

The casket was everything it was described to be, was delivered on time, and I saved over $1500.

Jan’s yellow casket

Was all that we wanted. Delivery in good time Happy color for my wife who loved yellow..Thanks

Upgrade to a Full Couch Style Lid [One-Piece Lid]
Mrs.Shanya Locklary (Newburgh, NY)
Titan full couch casket

Hello the casket was beautiful, The company was awesome from start to finish. Any questions or concerns were promptly answered and rectified. I definitely will refer and use again if needed. Thank you

On time

This was a first time having to make funeral plans and Titan made it easy. They asked the right questions and I got what I needed! Thank you Titan!

Amazing service + beautiful casket

I was so impressed by the service of Titan casket. Too, the casket is beautiful. Even the funeral home was shocked at the service, selection and quality.


My dad wanted a wooden casket, and The Grove (Pecan Hickory) Luxury Casket was very stunning.

Excellent product, price and service!

My husband had picked out another company to purchase his casket from (he was very organized!) but when the time came, they were unable to provide what we needed in the time frame that we had to work with. I did a Google search and based on the incredible reviews, went with Titan. I am so glad I did. Working with them was so easy, they were incredibly responsive and helpful, and we received a beautiful, modest casket at a great price, and delivered well within the time in which we needed it. I can't recommend them highly enough!

Great company all around

We were very happy from start to finish with the customer service, recommendations, and making everything so fluid. Definitely a 5/5 experience. Thank you!


It is to deal with, arrived in perfect condition on time, it doesn’t get any better than that, looks better than the picture

We ordered the military casket and while we really liked the one we received, it was a bit different than the original one we saw and ordered from you website. The one we saw had an eagle over the flag on the sides and corners of the casket. The one we received only had the flags.

Great service

Quick & Knowledgeable with their product. Will used there service again.

What my Father deserved

The casket got the the mortuary in two days and it was beautiful. We had an open casket with the Navy seal above him with the flag on the casket. Military honors and Taps. We were all so proud of him. I could not think of anything better!

I was very pleased with the workmanship and the quality of the casket

Andover Series | Dark Blue Steel Casket with Light Blue Interior


I was worried about ordering a casket online but we needed to cut costs as much as possible and it was at least $1,000 cheaper. It arrived on time, which was my biggest concern and was such a pretty color, too, and we actually got a lot of compliments on it. Highly recommend Titan Caskets!


Very fast and great customer service


My mom looked so beautiful in white and gold just so heavenly. This was my first time my cousin told me about it. The funeral home told me it better not be damaged or delivered late and Titan Casket gave my mom five star service. Thank you.

Happy with Titan casket service

It was so easy working with Liz at Titan caskets. The order was placed promptly and arrived quickly. The casket was beautiful and seemed well made. I could not be happier with tight and casket service and product.

Excellent choice

Beautiful casket, very affordable, and quick delivery with personal service. Thank you!

Eco I Pine Box | Pine Box Casket
Megan Wholey (Arlington, VA)
Fast and beautiful

We had many positive comments on the casket purchased for my mother when her death was imminent. It was delivered swiftly and admired by many who asked where we got it. Highly recommend this product!


This is the second casket I ordered from you guys my sons was purfect it was everything I wanted and more and the foot plate was a added bonus surprise I absolutely loved the forever home that you guys created for my sons body Thank you again

Class Act

The Orion Series black casket was a total class act model. We were truly pleased when we saw it upon arrival and everyone commended the family about the model and color selection.

Army veteran

The casket looked better in person than it did in the pictures, the family loved8 it.


The casket was absolutely gorgeous. We were very pleased with the color on the outside, as well as the inside. My mom would’ve been very pleased with it as well. Thank you. Verified Reviews Badge
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