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Cambridge Series | Purple and Gold Steel Casket with Copper Vein Bar

Very impressive! Love the color and quality of the casket.


Exception service and prices. Julius was both empathic and helpful. Walked me thru each step and explained and answered questions.
Prices are WAY below what you would pay at the mortuary and delivery is fast, dependable and on time. Just make sure you have the right dimensions needed or the mortuary will make you miserable and feel like you made a bad choice by not buying theirs.

Veteran Select Army Black Steel Casket Review

We were anxious for the arrival of this stately casket. It arrived in pristine condition and was such a beautiful tribute to our fathers 27 years of service in the military.
We highly recommend Titan Casket as a source for quality, unique products for a loved ones memorial arrangements.

Wonderful service and product!

We were very pleased with the professionalism in customer service and quality product. It’s a huge savings and a very easy process. I’d highly recommend!

Copper casket

I would definitely recommend Titan! Rafaela was awesome. She worked with me most of the night trying to figure out the right casket. The casket was more beautiful in person and more affordable than the actual funeral home

Unexpectedly Amazing

Thank you so much for the amazing experience! I was very nervous and skeptical but so glad I took the chance. We recently lost my father and the choices of caskets at the funeral home were expensive and just not what we were looking for. My dad is a lifetime Dallas Cowboys fan so I wanted a blue casket. I found the most beautiful, well built casket at Titan for LESS THAN HALF of what the funeral home was going to charge me. I had so many compliments on my dads casket and he went out in style. Not to mention they contacted me see when I needed it delivered and they had it to the location on the day they said which was 3 days after I placed the order. Again...such a great product and service!


So we where nervous buying a casket online but they really out did themselves, it was beautiful and was there on time even with the snow storm we had here in Indiana. Customer service was very nice also.

Great Eco Friendly Option

We were very impressed with Titan, and found exactly what we were looking for. Price was half of what the funeral home was quoting. The phone representative was friendly, super knowledgeable and helpful. Having never done this before, they walked us through the process and made is easy while being very respectful of our loss. Free shipping was great and it arrived in just two days. It was sturdy and made of all natural materials. We were a bit concerned it would not be strong enough, but it proved to be perfect. We complimented the casket with a spray of local flowers and greenery which spruced it up a bit. Another concern was that we thought some people would think we were being cheap or not honoring our passed loved one with a simple box, but we knew our dad would want the most simple and most eco-friendly option. To our surprise several people that came to the funeral said; "that is exactly how I want to be buried when it is my time!" This does not come with a pillow, so if you want an open casket you might need to add a pillow, which we did. There is no lining, but we were OK with that. Nothing wasted and again a great eco friendly option. Thank you Titan for your great product.

Titan Fleece (Wool) | Woolen Casket
Khali (Los Angeles, CA)
Beautiful cream wool casket

We loved our mother’s wool casket for her Green Burial. It was a beautiful color, slender design, wood is underneath to secure, and had many comfortable cushions on the inside. The casket is approved by the Green Burial Council and was a slightly more expensive and a much more elegant casket choice than cardboard. Wool is said to also be insulating, (as well as soil) which we wanted to make sure that our mother was not cold. Thank you Titan for your amazing and unique service and quick delivery. We are forever grateful🙏.

Reflections Casket White and Gold Steel Religious Casket

The casket was more beautiful than the picture. It was absolutely lovely. The quality was great. I loved everything about it. Thank you for creating such a beautiful product.

Purple & classy

Nothing too fancy, but still personalized :)

Just what we needed

We recently used this to scatter my father’s ashes in the mountains per his request. It was so much easier to use than the box we got from the funeral home, both for the airplane ride and the hike to the waterfall. It was an extra bonus that it is just beautiful as well. Thanks so much for a quality product!

Eco Water Urn
Perfect send-off for my dad!

This was so easy to use and the perfect way to honor my dad’s wishes of scattering his ashes in his favorite lake. No worries about wind making things complicated. The urn was perfect! Decorating it gave it that personal touch. My whole family was able to participate in their own way even if they were not actually at the lake with us. It was less than two minutes before the ashes dispersed so no super long waiting. The whole thing dissolved in the water making us feel very good about not leaving anything floating around in the lake but a few flowers. Absolutely perfect! We had no problems going through security at the airport either. They x-rayed the urn and did an explosives test (a simple wipe with a small piece of cloth around the mouth of the urn) and that was it. They were very respectful. I highly recommend this water urn for anyone who wants to “scatter” cremains in a lake, river or ocean.

The Living Urn
Thank you for creating this beautiful experience

Your attention to detail, from the beautiful bamboo container, clear instructions made this a very satisfying and meaningful experience. Choosing just the right tree and planting it where I can watch it grow from my window fills me with joy. i have already recommended it to several friends.

Beautifully Crafted

Bought an urn from Samuel Mitchell Design and it is beautifully crafted. It’s a gorgeous piece and I’m proud to have this be my fathers final resting place.


Thanks so much! I loved the casket!

Thank you guys!

The process was so streamlined and easy. It was the easiest part of planning the funeral, thanks to them!


Helpful customer service and my family and friends were impressed.. Best price in AZ


Don’t be worried about this company! They walked us through the whole process and answered any questions we had. When the casket came the build quality and color were exceptional. Couldn’t ask for a better company to take care of our family in such a hard time. Thank you for everything.

Army Casket

Everything was great from shipping, to customer service. Looked in great condition at the Memorial service. Price was cheaper than standard coffins at Funeral Home even with shipping.

Beautiful Final Resting Place for Mom

From start to finish, Titan treated us with gentle kindness. Their team answered all of our questions without hesitation. The casket was beautiful and we received many compliments on it during the visitation, including compliments from the funeral home staff. I highly recommend ordering from Titan!

Upgrade to a Velvet Interior
Mohsen Mohseni Sajadi (Phoenix, AZ)

Great Casket



Very happy with product and service!

Beautifully made for thousands less

If you are looking for a dignified way to purchase a casket please consider Titan. We were treated respectfully and with kindness. From the moment we ordered-everything else was taken care of. If you have any question's they are available for you through the entire process. Verified Reviews Badge
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