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Why Pre-Plan with Titan Casket?

Lock In Today's Price, Ensure Your Wishes are Respected, and Provide Relief to Your Loved Ones

Lock In Today's Price

With our pre-plans, you buy the casket at today's price. Protect yourself and your loved ones against rising inflation.

Ensure Your Wishes are Respected

Choose from over 1,000 models, choose to buy outside of a funeral home, saving typically 50% or more when you do. Funeral homes must accept our caskets, per the FTC's Funeral Rule.

Provide Relief to Your Loved Ones

Pre-Plan to remove the burden of choosing and the financial responsibility from your loved ones.

How To PrePlan

Call us at 501-420-3990 or visit us online

Now: Buy a casket

Choose a casket and call us at 501-420-3990. We will answer any questions, help you complete your purchase, and will then send you our pre-planning contract.

Later: Receive it at the time of need

At the time of need, you or your family will call us; we will immediately ship your chosen casket directly to the funeral home. There are no additional costs or fees.

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Pre-Planning FAQs

We are proud to offer a prepaid option for casket services. You can arrange for your casket, lock in today's price, and know that you and your family are covered at the time of need.

1. How does this work?

We keep it simple. Browse our online catalog and select a casket. You can call us to finalize. If you prefer to check out online - go right ahead! Check out as you normally would; if you don't have the delivery address at the time, there is an option to provide it at a later date during the time of need.

Once you check out, we will call you to confirm this is a preneed order. A copy of the finalized contract and receipt will be emailed to you.

Keep it with you and/or your family.When the need arises, notify us by phone or email.

2. How are my funds protected?

The funds from your purchase are then placed in a 3rd party managed trust account that cannot be touched by Titan Casket Company until we ship your casket out.

3. Does this arrangement ever expire?

No, this arrangement will never expire. Our PrePlan means the price you see today is the price you pay for your casket.

4. What happens if you stop manufacturing the product I chose?

Your contract states that we will ship you the model you selected or a better option. If we stop manufacturing your item, you will have the opportunity to choose a similar or better item as a replacement, at no additional charge.

5. Can I cancel the contract at any time?
Yes - you can cancel the contract at any time, including the time of need. We will return 100% of your money.

6. What happens if Titan Casket is sold or goes out of business?

If Titan Casket is sold, the pre-planning contracts and commitments will transfer to the new owner. If we go out of business completely (we don't plan on it), the funds protected by the trust will be returned to you. Verified Reviews Badge
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