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Pink Caskets

Honor your loved one by choosing a meticulously crafted pink steel casket or coffin. Each beautiful pink casket can be built employing an array of head panels, hardware, imagery, and steel thicknesses. While our caskets and coffins are of the highest quality, you will find that they are for sale online by Titan at much lower prices than comparable items at many funeral homes. And all of Titan’s pink metal caskets and coffins have free standard shipping.

Significance of a Pink Casket

A pink casket may have a variety of meanings and significance to the person who has chosen it. In general, the color pink is often associated with love, compassion, and caring, so a pink casket could be seen as a way to honor and celebrate the life of the person laid to rest. Some people may choose a pink casket because it reflects their personality or because it represents their favorite color. Others may choose a pink casket as a way to express their love and affection for the person who has passed away. Ultimately, the significance of a pink casket will depend on the individual context and the personal preferences of the person making the decision.


There are a few reasons why someone might choose to purchase a pink casket:

  1. Personal preference: Some people simply prefer the color pink, and may choose to have a pink casket as a way to reflect their personal style and taste.
  2. To celebrate a loved one's life: A pink casket can be a unique and meaningful way to celebrate a loved one's life, especially if they had a special affinity for the color pink.
  3. As a symbol of hope: Pink is often associated with hope, love, and compassion, and a pink casket can be a symbol of these positive emotions during a difficult time.

Upgrade Your Pink Casket

Our pink steel caskets are typically made from American-manufactured 20-gauge steel, but you can easily upgrade to a heavier 18-gauge option for a small added cost.

Intricately embroidered head panels can add an element of personalization to any coffin or casket. You may want to upgrade your casket’s classic head panel to one of Titan’s more than 150 head panel options. Simply add it to your casket order or have it shipped separately to you for easy installation.

You can also upgrade your coffin to a full couch steel casket. This change will create a single casket lid from head to toe, rather than employing the standard half couch model where the lid is split into two pieces.

Pink Oversized Steel Caskets and Coffins

Titan features a number of impressive pink oversized caskets for sale online, including the Titan Atlas XL Steel Oversize Casket Collection and the Jupiter XL Oversize Swingbar Steel Casket. These coffins can be bought in numerous widths, including 28-inch, 29-inch, 33-inch, and 36-inch sizes, as well as 40-inch and 44-inch sizes upon request.

Pink Casket Alternatives

Customers that buy pink caskets often start by searching for rose caskets, magenta caskets, fuschia caskets, rouge caskets, carnation caskets, and strawberry caskets.

Design Your Own Pink Coffin or Casket

Titan’s mission is to provide the highest quality caskets in styles and colors that are part of a personalized tribute to the departed. With this in mind, Titan offers the world’s only Design Your Own Custom-Made Casket tool. If you have customization questions at any time, you can submit them in the chat window or give us a call at 501-420-3990.