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Veteran Select XL Oversize Steel Casket (28"-36") | $2,399+

Veteran Select XL Oversize Steel Casket (28"-36")

from $2,099.00

Made in the USA, crafted from the finest American-produced Steel, our Veteran Select XL military caskets are available to ship immediately. Titan’s distinguished XL military caskets and veterans’ coffins are the perfect way to recognize your loved one's military service, and feature a wider interior for those needing more room. Click through our collection below to find the style that best suits your preferences or contact us directly to discuss how we can customize a coffin to fit your needs.

An oversized version of our distinguished Veteran Select series, our Veteran Select XL Oversize caskets feature wider interiors to accommodate those needing more room. Available in 28", 29", 33", 36" and larger sizes.

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