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What Is The Difference Between Coffins And Caskets?

What Is The Difference Between Coffins And Caskets?

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What is the Difference Between a Coffin and a Casket?

The only true difference between a coffin and casket is the shape of the box – caskets are rectangular and coffins are hexagonal – and their popularity regionally and over time. The terms coffin and casket may be used interchangeably, as they serve the same practical function. Both are funeral boxes, used for housing a body for the purposes of viewing, burial, or cremation.

    What Is A Coffin?

    A coffin is commonly understood to be a six-sided, or hexagonal funerary box. A coffin is pushed out at the shoulders, tapered at the head and foot ends, and closed with a matching lid. Also referred to as a toe-pincher, the 6-sided coffin was originally the predominant style of burial container. Coffins tend to be simple in design, favoring function over form, and are reminiscent of western movies and pre-Civil War burials. Originally, the word coffin can be traced back to the Greek work kophonos, meaning "basket," and was coined to describe the sarcophagi that were placed inside the pyramids in Ancient Egypt. 

    What Is A Casket?

    Caskets, which are used for the majority of American funerals, are understood to be 4-sided, rectangular funerary boxes. Caskets are typically thought to be constructed of better quality materials with greater attention to detail 

    The word casket was originally intended as a euphemism for a jewelry box, or an ornamental container worthy of holding something precious inside.

    Funerary caskets rose to prominence in the United States in the mid-19th century, when embalming practices became more advanced, funerals became more ceremonial, and funeral directors went to greater lengths to provide solace to grieving families.  The rectangular box was considered a more pleasing, comforting container versus the typical coffin of the times for laying a loved one to rest.

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    Should I Buy A Coffin Or A Casket?

    While the legal requirements may vary between states and the rules may vary among funeral homes and mortuaries, coffins and caskets are used in some manner for nearly all funerals and burials. The difference between a coffin and a casket is one of style rather than function. Both are suitable and appropriate to lay a loved one to rest.

    The type of burial or cremation container you purchase is strictly a matter of personal preference. In the United States, the 4-sided casket is overwhelmingly more common, and there are endless options to satisfy your preferences and budget. Need help making a decision choosing among the array of coffin and casket options? Contact us at 1-501-510-8246 for help making your selection.

    Where Can I Buy A Coffin Or A Casket?

    There are coffins and caskets for sale at most funeral homes. However, customers wonder the casket cost before while browsing for the perfect casket but they have the opportunity to save a considerable amount of money, and have greater confidence in the quality of their purchase, by exercising their right to provide their own casket. Titan Casket sells online directly to customers and can deliver to the funeral home of your choice, for a fraction of what you would pay at the funeral home. With Titan Casket you can also be confident in the knowledge that your coffin or casket is carefully crafted with the best materials by skilled artisans. 

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    Metal Caskets are durable, and offer the most options for interior and exterior styles and finishes. Metal caskets may also include a rubber gasket, which adds an extra layer of protection from the outside elements.

    Wooden Caskets are considered the most traditional. Made from such woods as pine, poplar, and mahogany, wooden caskets are elegant and versatile. Many models are suitable for religious or eco-friendly burials.

    Cloth Caskets are an excellent value. They are lightweight and transport easily, but can still hold an adult weighing several hundred pounds. While simple, cloth caskets are very elegant in appearance.

    Oversized Caskets are perfect for those requiring more width than a standard casket. Titan Casket can accommodate any oversize needs starting at 28” wide and beyond, without sacrificing style or quality.


    Need Help Making Your Decision?

    Titan Casket is available 24/7 to assist you in selecting your coffin or casket. Contact us in the chat or give us a call at 1-501-420-3990.

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