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Casket Prices: What Is The Cost Of A Casket Or Coffin?

how much is a casket

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Planning for a funeral can be an emotional and financial challenge. The cost of a casket and coffin can be among the most difficult subjects for funeral planners tackle, as caskets and coffins are typically the most expensive items to purchase, and there are so many options at an array of prices. Families want to find the best possible casket for sale - one that is expertly built and properly honors their loved one without overwhelming their budget. The choice is not easy, and there is a lot of information to sort through.

What Is The Average Cost Of A Casket?

The average cost of a casket (or a coffin) at a funeral home ranges from $2,500 to $3,000; however, Titan Casket builds superior quality caskets to suit every budget. Our casket prices range from $699 for a simple yet dignified Cloth model, to $1,999 and beyond, depending on your size and style preference. Each coffin and casket is comparable to, or better quality than, the caskets for sale at your funeral home, and at a fraction of the price. Shipping is free. 

Below are some suggested guidelines to follow when comparing how much a casket and coffin should cost across retailers.

Our Best Selling Caskets

How Much Does A Casket Cost Online Versus The Funeral Home?

Before meeting with the funeral home, we advise looking at caskets online to get a sense of your requirements and preferences. Are you looking for the least expensive casket available? Perhaps you would like a particular color or style, or anticipate needing a larger size?

How much a casket or coffin costs varies depending on material, size, and finishings. Cloth and simple wood boxes are at the lower end of the cost spectrum, and prices increase for metal, oversize, and intricately detailed caskets. Here are some of our bestsellers in each of those style categories, as well as an estimate of what the casket costs might be when compared to a comparable model at a funeral home:


Entry Level Wood Caskets: starting at $799

Titan Casket Pine Box

Our Titan Eco I Pine Box Casket for $799 is a great choice for a modest, eco, or Jewish burial. Made of unfinished white pine and without any metal, this option adheres to strict burial guidelines. Our pine box casket comes empty but we can add an interior lining upon request.

Estimated funeral home price: $1099 - $1499

Entry Level Steel Caskets: Starting at $999
A great option for anyone seeking a basic casket at a lower price point, our Andover Series features a classic shape and style. The Andover is dignified in appearance and expertly made, and available in all colors. Shown here is the Andover Series Steel Casket in Pink. Estimated funeral home price: $1099 - $1399
Step Up Premium Caskets: Starting at $1,199

Titan Casket Satin Series Royal Purple with White Crepe Interior

Our Satin Series in Royal Purple for $1,199 is a high-end steel casket, complete with rubber gasket and swingbar handles. The Satin Series available in a wide range of colors, and the Royal Purple option makes a bold and sophisticated statement.

Estimated funeral home price: $2499 - $2899

Specialty Caskets: Starting at $1,699

Titan Casket has great options for honoring the brave men and women who served in our Military. Shown here is our Veteran Select Air Force Casket for $1,699. Like all our Veteran Select entries, the Air Force Casket features an embroidered head panel, poly blend tipped lining, and patriotic imagery throughout.

Estimated funeral home price: $3099 - $3599

Oversize Caskets: Starting at $1,399

Atlas XL Oversize Casket in Light Blue

We build caskets and coffins to suit every customer. Our Atlas line is designed for those needing more room, from 28" up to 36" and beyond. Atlas caskets are available in any color and with any head panel. If you don't see what you are looking for, just ask! Featured here is the Atlas XL Oversize Casket in Light Blue, starting at $1,399.

Estimated funeral home price: $2899 - $3199

Know Your Rights

Funeral homes are required to supply you with a catalog of their goods and services upon request. This document is called the General Price List, or “GPL” and is mandated by the “Funeral Rule” as set forth by the Federal Trade Commission.

Should you decide to purchase a casket or coffin from Titan Casket or any other retailer, you have the right to do so without being charged extra fees by the funeral home. Federal law requires that the funeral home accept the casket or coffin without making the process burdensome, and at no extra cost to you.

For additional help understanding and exercising your rights, we recommend reviewing the Titan Casket Consumer Advocacy section. There, you will find an explanation of the Funeral Rule, as well as the steps to take if you feel your rights have been violated. We also offer a State-by-State Guide for assistance with local laws and resources.

Compare Your Options For Caskets And Coffins

Once you have narrowed down the caskets available from funeral homes and online retailers, it’s a good idea to compare them side-by-side. Are you getting exactly what you want and need? How do the quality and costs measure up? Does the retailer charge extra for shipping? What are the timing considerations? How does the customer service compare?

At Titan Casket, we are focused on preventing an emotional loss from turning into a financial loss. We stand by the quality of our caskets, which we deliver to the destination of your choice at no extra charge. By selling directly to consumers, we are able to offer all of this at bargain prices. Before, during, and after your purchase of a casket or coffin, our customer service team is there to help and inform you every step of the way.

Still have questions? We are happy to answer questions about the costs of any of our caskets and coffins and the funeral planning process.

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