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Scott Ginsberg

Scott Ginsberg
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About Scott

Casket entrepreneur and market disruptor Scott Ginsberg has been a driving force in the casket industry for nearly three decades manufacturing and supplying caskets and building and shaping the direct-to-consumer casket market.

Scott Ginsberg founded Titan Casket in 2016. He owned and developed Northern Craft Casket where he realized the potential of the DTC market. Scott’s desire to support people in their time of need and vision of the untapped casket marketplace emerged as Scott dream of Titan Casket emerged. His interest in this space was born out of his desire to help people, and to shake up an industry that hasn’t innovated in a century that was ripe for disruption as consumers become comfortable making complex purchases online as well as offering more choices.

Scott received his BA from Salem State University and his MBA from Columbia Business School; he is based in Boston.