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12 Best Online Memorial Sites for Your Loved One

12 Best Online Memorial Sites for Your Loved One

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Creating Memories for a Lifetime

Losing a loved one can be agonizing and how you process and deal with the loss is a profoundly intimate process. A delightful parting gift is always an excellent way to honor their departure. You could build an online memorial sites to cherish the fond memories that you have shared with them.  

An online memorial is a virtual space you can obtain on the internet where you can celebrate, note down, and commemorate the memories of the departed. You can add images and text and share anecdotes on the memorial service website.

Often, these

best free online obituary sites websites are seen as economical and environmentally sustainable options that are available to show some love to the people resting in peace.  

Here are 12 memorial websites that you can dedicate to your loved one:  

1. Memories

Memories is an best free online obituary site that allows you to build online living timelines and create online memorials. 

The information that you store on the website is securely locked away in a Personal Vault; that also allows you to protect important documents and keepsakes. 

Services like guest books, privacy options, and virtual family tree creation are free on the website.

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2. InMemori 

InMemori is another online memorial website where you can use the platform to pay tributes to your loved ones. 

This memorial website equips you with a guest book that is easy to use and manage. 

Their services are free, with a list of added benefits like photo upload, a post-loss checklist, and an easy user interface on the website. 

3. Keeper 

Keeper is an online memorial service that allows you to send personal invitations or virtual event invites and lets you track your RSVPs. 

Keeper provides free services but has an upgraded version called KeeperPlus that’s available for $74.99. Keeper’s rated 4.3 out of 5 stars by Trustpilot for their prompt services to their users. 

4. GatheringUS

GatheringUS allows you to host up to 1000 guests on the free online memorial site option or pick their virtual services that fall between $1,400 to $3,500. 

A reviewer of this online memorial site said, “It was exactly what we were hoping for— a meaningful tribute to our mother…”

5. Forever Missed 

Forever Missed is a simple online memorial site with a plethora of template options that you can pick from. You can also add background music to the online memorial page with Forever Missed. 

Their basic services are free but the advanced features like unlimited photo and video upload and creating a custom playlist range between $6 monthly or $47.99 yearly. 

6. Kudoboard 

Kudoboard is one of the few online memorial websites that allows you to create collaborative online memorials, creating a board of memories that you can share with your friends and family members. You can ask Kudoboard to send you a physical copy of the board too. The fee for 10 mini memorials is priced at $99. 

7. Last-Memories 

Last-Memories is a free and easy memorial website that allows you to post pictures, videos, and audio files to remember your loved ones. You can also make a unique memorial book with the hard copy shipped to your friends and family. 

Some of the reviews on the website read, “These options are so meaningful. I appreciate the work being done to make these memorial sites more unique and personal.” 

8. Ever Loved 

Ever loved helps you plan and organize funerals and provide best free online obituary sites to remember your loved ones. They provide you with a list of services like a complete funeral home directory and RSVP tracking. 

You can opt for the 7-day free trial and then upgrade to the one-time fee structure, which comes to $4.95 per month.


Legacy is an online memorial service that collaborates with local newspapers, providing an online obituary option for you. 

You can avail of their services for free, including invitation features, donation features, and real-time tree planting (this is a chargeable service). 

10. Remembered 

This is an online memorial website that helps you create multiple tabs on the site. You can also invite family members and friends to join your event through an invite-only pass. 

The memorial website provides unlimited photo storage space. You can get these features for free, or $19.95 or $79.99, depending on the service you pick. 

11. Cake 

Cake is another online memorial site that provides resources like guest books, a user interface, uploading options, a post-loss checklist, will maker, articles, and expert opinions on how you can learn to deal with a loss and understand the processes of working with an online memorial. You can avail of these services for free. 

12. Mem 

Mem (Making Everlasting Memories) is an online memorial website that can help you connect with SCI-owned funeral homes. They provide features like interactive service displays, tribute movies, and keepsake books, to name a few.  

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Online Memorials Meeting All Your Needs

When stitching together an online memorial page for your loved one, look into the different kinds of online memorial sites available for you. There are guest book sites, virtual funerals, social memorials, obituary listings, invitations, and RSVPs, or a combination of these. You can pick the site keeping your needs in mind and commemorate your loved ones easily.