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Necklaces- The Most Fitting Cremation Jewelry For The Memory Of You Pet

Necklaces- The Most Fitting Cremation Jewelry For The Memory Of You Pet

Key Insights

  • Pet cremation necklaces can be made out of materials like glass, silver, gold or bronze
  • Pet cremation necklaces are made by collecting the ashes of your pet and placing them in a container like a pendant or charm.
  • You can find cremation necklaces in the form of a pendant, locket, ash bead necklaces or even ash stone necklaces
  • Wearing a piece of cremation jewelry can allow you to feel a sense of connection with your pet at all times.

Everything You Need To Know About Necklaces Made Out Of Pet Ashes

This might be a unique concept that you haven’t heard of before but it is possible to have a necklace made with your pet’s ashes. This type of jewelry is known as cremation jewelry and can be made with a small amount of your pet’s ashes. Pet cremation necklaces have the ashes stored inside a pendant or a charm. Cremation jewelry can be made in a variety of styles and materials including gold, silver, or glass! It is your way of keeping a small part of your pet close to you at all times. Pet cremation ash necklaces are beautiful and are made with such love and care.

How Are Pet Cremation Necklaces Made?

There are a few ways that necklaces can be made with your pet’s ashes depending on the specific design and material used. Here is a general understanding of how these gorgeous necklaces are made:

Step 1: First, a small amount of the pet’s ashes are collected and placed into a container. 

Step 2: The ashes are then mixed with a resin or other binding materials to create a solid, durable substance. 

Step 3: The mixture is poured into a mold or shaped by hand to create the desired pendant or charm shape. 

Step 4: The pendant or charm is left to harden and cure overnight or over a couple of days. 

Step 5: Once the pendant or charm has fully cured, it is polished and finished to give it a smooth and shiny surface. 

Step 6: The pendant or charm is attached to a necklace chain or cord, either by gluing it in place or using a bail. 

These 6 steps are largely used to make pet cremation necklaces. Cremation jewelry is often made by artisan jewelers.

Types Of Pet Cremation Necklaces

There are different types of necklaces that can be made with your pet’s ashes and the specific style will depend on your preferences. You can pick from the list given below and add a personal touch to make the cremation necklace unique to you and your pet’s personality. 

  1. Pendant necklaces: These necklaces feature a pendant or charm that hangs from a chain or chord. The pendant can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can pick a material of your choice too! 
  2. Locket necklaces: These necklaces feature a locket that opens to reveal a small compartment which holds your pet’s ashes. The locket can be made from materials like gold, silver, or brass. You can also choose to engrave the locket with a message or a saying. 
  3. Ash bead necklaces: Pet ashes necklaces, like this one, are made with small beads that contain a small amount of your pet’s ashes. The beads can be made from materials like glass, resin, or clay and can be strung onto a cord to create a unique and meaningful piece of jewelry. 
  4. Ash stone necklace: These necklaces feature a gemstone that has been infused with the ashes of your pet. You can pick your pet’s gemstone based on the month that your pet was born or the month that you adopted them. This will truly be a sweet reminder of your pet that you can always have close to your heart. 
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Finding The Right Necklace With The Right Reason

Cremation jewelry serves as a tangible reminder of the special bond between you and your pet. It can be a comforting and meaningful way to cope with the loss of your companion. You can wear this pet cremation necklace at all times and have it as a daily reminder of your pet that you can treasure! If you’re looking to buy a comfortable and gracious casket for your pet, check out Titan Casket’s pet caskets for a meaningful and complete funeral for your beloved pet. 

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