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Should I Buy a Pink Casket?

Should I Buy a Pink Casket?

Key Insights

  • Many people opt for colored caskets to properly honor the loss of their loved one.
  • Pink is one of the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a colored casket.
  • Pink caskets can be symbolic of the ideas of womanhood and purity.
  • You can buy a customizable pink casket online at Titan Casket and have it shipped directly to your funeral home.


An Overview 

A pink casket is frequently used if it best expresses the personality of a loved one who has passed. Contrary to what you might think, a pink casket is one of the most popular choices in colored caskets. You can buy a pink casket that suits your budget from online casket retailers such as Titan Casket. We have several models available over a broad price range and they come in many shades, so you have options to choose from even within the category of a pink casket such as rose gold or orchid caskets

Colored Caskets

If you find yourself considering buying a casket for the funeral of a loved one, you should know that this is not an unusual wish. Colored caskets are often favored by people as a form of expression of the personality of the deceased. You can opt for a stainless steel casket in any color of your choosing. 

With the wide availability of customization offered by retailers of online caskets, you can easily purchase a colored casket in your budget, including a pink color casket. Since colored caskets are usually made from steel, they also have an elegant appearance in general.

When to Buy Pink Caskets

Pink caskets are commonly used to denote the idea of womanhood. Thus a pink casket can certainly be an appropriate choice if the deceased was someone whose womanhood influenced her identity significantly. Someone who was a romantic at heart might also be suited for a pink color casket due to the association of the color with the concept of love. Additionally, people with a gentle disposition would also be best represented by a pink casket.

Another symbolism of a pink casket can be that of purity. For this reason it is sometimes used in the unfortunate cases of the passing of a child or someone very young. There are multiple shades of pink that can be used on caskets, depending on the sentiment you would like to convey. While a baby pink would more directly translate into the idea of innocence, you can opt for a more deep pink to represent love and romance.

Some people might not prefer a fully pink casket exterior, but still feel the need for some pink to represent the personality of the deceased honorably. In this case, you can also incorporate pink in your casket by opting for a casket spray with a lot of pink in it, or adding pink hues and accents into the interior or exterior of the casket.

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How to Buy a Pink Casket

At Titan Casket, all models of our stainless steel caskets come with the option of being designed in a shade of pink. If you're wondering how do these caskets cost  then they range from the Andover series at $1099 to the more luxurious models such as the Atlas XL, you can choose from many colors. Even if you want a pink casket, you can choose from among the shades of orchid, or a blend of white and pink or rose gold casket to make the best decision. Once you’ve placed your order, the casket will be delivered to your location seamlessly and in a timely fashion.

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