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Full Couch Caskets

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  1. What Are Full Couch Caskets?
  2. How Can I Order A Full Couch Casket?

What are full couch caskets?

Caskets and coffins are manufactured as half couch or full couch, which refers to whether the lid comes in two pieces (half couch) or one piece (full couch).

In the case of a viewing, visitation, or an open casket funeral, either the upper half of the body (half couch) or the entire body (full couch) will be on display.

All of Titan Casket's products come standard as half couch, which is the most common configuration.

How can I order a full couch casket?

Good news! Titan can manufacture any of our caskets or coffins as full couch. To see some of our most popular caskets, click here.

For a metal casket, it will take us 1-3 business days to customize and ship.

For a wooden casket or coffin, it will take 2-3 weeks to customize and ship.

Contact us via the chat or call/text at 501-420-3990 to customize your order.

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