Full Couch Caskets


What are full couch caskets?

Caskets and coffins are manufactured as half couch or full couch, which refers to whether the lid comes in two pieces (half couch) or one piece (full couch).

In the case of a viewing, visitation, or an open casket funeral, either the upper half of the body (half couch) or the entire body (full couch) will be on display.

A full couch casket is a funeral casket that has full-length interior padding and a hinged lid that opens to reveal the entire interior of the casket. These caskets are often made of wood or metal and can be adorned with decorative elements such as carvings, engravings, or inlaid designs.

Orion Series Full Couch Caskets

Available in 22 Different Colors


One of the primary benefits of a full couch casket is that it allows for an open-casket viewing during a funeral or wake. This allows friends and family members to pay their final respects to the deceased and say goodbye in a more personal and meaningful way.

Full couch caskets are also often used in cremation services, as they provide a dignified and respectful container for the body. The casket is typically cremated along with the body, although some people may choose to have the casket removed prior to cremation.

Orion Series Full Couch Caskets

Available in 22 Different Colors

In terms of design, full couch caskets can range from traditional and formal to modern and contemporary. Some may feature intricate details and hand-crafted finishes, while others may be more streamlined and minimalistic in design. There are also a variety of material options available, including wood, metal, and even eco-friendly materials like bamboo or recycled wood.

Overall, full couch caskets offer a beautiful and dignified way to honor a loved one during the funeral or cremation process. They provide a sense of closure and allow friends and family to say their final goodbyes in a personal and meaningful way.

How can I order a full couch casket?

Good news! Titan can manufacture any of our caskets or coffins as full couch. To see some of our most popular caskets, click here.

Here is how it works:

1. Select a casket from our casket collections here - Caskets 

2. Once you have selected the casket, you will find upgrade options on the same page just below the "Add to Cart" and "Buy Now" buttons. In the upgrade options click on the "Upgrade to a full Couch Style Lid" option

3. Now click on "Buy Now" to buy or on "Add to Cart" if you need further additions to your casket.

4. Your casket is now upgraded from a half couch casket to a full couch casket.

    Delivery Instructions For A full Couch Caskets

    • For a metal casket, it will take us 1-3 business days to customize and ship.
    • For a wooden casket or coffin, it will take 2-3 weeks to customize and ship.
    • Contact us via the chat or call/text at 501-420-3990 to customize your order.