Our Funeral Concierge Services

Harbor Caskets offers the best customer service with our concierge services. Contact us today!

Saying goodbye to a loved one is an emotionally difficult, stressful experience. Titan Casket is proud to offer low costs, high-quality caskets and coffins, as well as personal and prioritized funeral concierge service to help our customers through the funeral planning process.

When you choose Titan Casket, we assign a funeral concierge agent to handle your order from the start to the day of the funeral. You will get regular updates on your order but will also have the name and direct phone number of your concierge for anything else you may need. Our mission is to reduce the stress and cost of the funeral process, not add to it.

Also, while we are starting with the caskets and coffins for sale on our site, we are here to help you with so much more – all of your funeral planning and farewell needs. Contact us with your questions.

A broad description of our services is as follows:

Table of Contents

  1. Titan’s Top Picks
  2. Any Other Caskets, Custom Requests
  3. Complimentary Funeral And Farewell Planning Education

1. Titan’s Top Picks

If you are interested in the caskets and coffins Titan Casket has to offer, but not sure how to begin your search, we have curated a selection of our most popular and best value caskets (relative to buying through a funeral home). These are the caskets we recommend to our personal friends and families. These are our very best, in both quality and cost – click here to get started.

2. Any Other Caskets, Custom Requests

What happens if you didn’t find the perfect casket or coffin in our top choice page? What happens if you can’t find a funeral casket elsewhere offline or online? What happens if you want something totally unique and different?

We can make any and all caskets – just ask us. Send us a short description, a link, or a photo, and we will build a quote for a premium Titan casket perfect for honoring a loved one. Buy from Titan for the highest quality, lowest prices, and best service.

Get started today! Call or text us at 501-420-3990, or build your own coffin with our Design Your Own Casket tool.

3. Complimentary Funeral and Farewell Planning Education

How we choose to leave this world is evolving, and the "big funeral" industry has been slow to adapt. Planning a loved one’s final voyage that is both personal and within budget should be straightforward. Unfortunately, especially immediately following a loss, there is not the time to gain the expertise of knowing exactly what to do. Let us help. We are a small company, but we are your ally in getting the funeral you want at a fair price. Ask us for anything you need, and we’ll try to help you get it. Read our funeral planning guide or give us a call to get started.