Funeral Metaverses and NFTs - About Remember Metaverse

Web 3.0, NFTs, and Funerals

Today, Titan Casket is a DTC casket company taking on “big funeral” by selling caskets directly to US consumers at savings of 50% versus buying from the funeral home. We already help thousands of clients each year, and we plan on significantly increasing our scope and impact in the years to come.

Our core conviction, however, is that the traditional funeral planning process - how families say goodbye and remember their loved ones - is broken, and not evolving to meet the needs of these next generations. We believe that the way in which families and communities are choosing to remember and mourn those lost will change rapidly.

We believe that web 3.0 and the metaverse will play a more prominent role in how we memorialize, celebrate, and remember our loved ones - while they are with us and after they are gone - as well as plan for our own remembrances. While early, our vision is that the spiritual connections and moments embedded in remembrance will be less tied to physical locations (e.g., a plot) or things, and instead can and should be experienced anytime and anywhere. Additionally, we believe that communities need more places to mourn and remember together, unconstrained from a physical location and constraints. We believe the metaverse, while early, has the ability to provide in these moments.

We Support: Remember Metaverse

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How the metaverse evolves in unclear. However, one company that shares our vision is: Remember Metaverse. Remember is a growing community that bills itself as “The World’s 1st Commemorative NFTs & Dedicated Metaverse.” Growing quickly, the team recently minted the first set of Memorial Stones, which is just their first step in a very large vision to “memorial halls” that can live across metaverses and eventually in a dedicated one for remembering.

After discovering the project in a recent Rolling Stone article, we recently met the founding team and immediately felt a deep connection in our visions and passion for the future. We both see the same set of broken experiences, potential for the metaverse, and approaching solutions in a community-first and value based approach. We can't wait to see what comes next from Remember - one to watch.

For those interested in learning more and getting involved, we’d recommend taking the first steps and join their community on Discord. Key links are below:






Our Plans: Titan Casket and Web 3.0

For now, we are learning and still forming our point of view on how Web 3.0 can best add utility to our client families. Much more to come in this space in the months and years ahead.