Paying With Life Insurance

Q: Can I pay for my casket with life insurance?

A: YES! Click here to learn more:

About Life Insurance Assignment

Typically life insurance takes 30-60 days to pay out after someone passes away. With Life Insurance Assignment, you are able to access a portion of these funds immediately (1-3 days) to use to cover the casket purchase and other funeral expenses.

We partner with Beneficiary Advance, a leader in life insurance assignment, to help our clients take advantage of this benefit in just a few easy steps. They take a small fee (4.98%) to cover their effort and their risks.

How It Works

  1. Start by filling out your information at

  2. You will determine how much of the policy to advance. There are 2 choices to make: a) TITAN CASKET AMOUNT - goes directly to Titan Casket. Please put in the amount that covers our TOTAL CHECKOUT PRICE of your casket purchase, including tax. If needed, we will refund any excess funds. b) BENEFICIARY CASH AMOUNT - goes to you. You can choose to advance additional funds to yourself to cover funeral and any other expenses.

  3. Once you press SUBMIT REQUEST, you will receive forms to print, sign, and submit.

  4. Both Titan and you will receive the funds within 1-2 days (varies by life insurance company). We can only ship your product once we receive the approval.

Note: You will be charged a 4.98% fee by Beneficiary Advance on both the Titan Casket Amount and Beneficiary Cash Amount to cover the labor and risk involved.