Ways to Reduce Funeral Expenses

Funeral planning can be expensive and stressful, and at Titan Casket we like to help in any way we can. The first step is to request a General Price List from your funeral home, and the substitute for specific line items using the guide below. Here are a few ways to reduce the cost of funeral planning:

  1. Buy a Casket Online: Purchasing a casket from an online retailer like Titan Casket is an easy way to save a lot of money.  You will receive a top of the line casket delivered free of charge and with care in a timely manner. Read our guide on buying a casket online here.
  2. Casket Sealing: Purchase a non-gasketed casket.  A gasket is often marketed for sealing purposes (and simply to charge you more) but will not prevent body decomposition.
  3. Casket Container: Many states do not require a container for burial, so there is often no legal need to purchase one.  However, it is important to check with your cemetery as they may require one anyway.  In that case, there is no need to buy anything other than the least expensive container available.
  4. Funeral Service: Consider having an at-home service, a graveside service, or a memorial service instead of a traditional funeral home service.  Should you opt for a funeral home service, it's a good idea to do some comparison shopping between different providers. Read our guide on planning a home or DIY funeral.
  5. Fresh Flowers: Shop around for the most economical provider, which is often not a florist shop but an online retailer or grocery store. Floral arrangements can be less expensive if you order them well in advance, choose in-season blooms, and opt for an arrangement of just a few boldly-colored flowers against many leafy fronds.  
  6. Silk flowers: Silk flower arrangements are a great way to save money.  There are many services nationwide that offer silk arrangements for a much lower fee than a fresh flower display.