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12 Beautiful Urn Rings For A Loved One’s Ashes

12 Beautiful Urn Rings For A Loved One’s Ashes

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Remembering Your Loved One With a Beautiful Ring

If you’ve done plenty of research on cremation urns, you have probably heard or already know what urn rings are.  For those who don’t know - it’s a ring designed with integrated compartments that lock up a small portion of cremains.  When someone wants the constant feeling of staying in touch or close to their loved one who died, they should opt for urn rings.  A few of these cremation urn rings are designed to hold the remains, while others come with concealed sections to make the ring look less noticeable.  Despite being a niche market, the best online retailers provide a range of styles and designs for rings made of ashes.  Here is a comprehensive list of the 12 most beautiful cremation rings that are masculine, feminine, and gender-neutral.

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12 Most Beautiful Urn Rings For Your Loved One Ashes

  1. Gem Urn Rings

Today, several latest cremation rings are designed with large stones, either round, oval, or square, that consist of a small number of ashes inside. This type of urn ring is distinct from the urn rings concealing the ashes in the band.


  1. Alternate Option To Wedding Ring

You may already know that several people tend to stop wearing their wedding replacements after the demise of their partner. This is mainly done by people who intend to remarry or are ready for another relationship.  Although they may not wish to wear the wedding ring, it’s most likely that they will look for a small piece of jewelry that they can wear to cherish the times they have spent with their partner.  In that case, they can buy cremation urns online that look more like a conventional engagement ring.

  1. Claddagh Cremation Ring

The significance of cremation urns can be truly represented with a Claddagh, which is an Irish symbol. It resembles a heart being held off by two hands. Conventionally, when a lady is “committed,” she makes the heart face her body. However, when she makes the heart face opposite her body, she tries to tell that she’s available for a date. This ring gives them the benefit of deciding the direction in which to place the ring while wearing it.

  1. Compass Urn Ring

You can also consider a compass urn ring, which symbolizes that your deceased partner has enlightened you on the path of life and has always been your true guide. 

  1. Fingerprint Urn Ring

Today, several online retailers who create and sell fingerprint jewelry also introduce fingerprint cremation rings into their collections. Your loved one’s fingerprints will be engraved onto the ring and will let you cherish them forever.

  1. Caring Heart Urn Ring

Many designers now introduce the Caring heart style urn rings into their product line. These cremation rings come in a wide range of colors, from sterling silver to rose gold. If you want this type of ring to hold the ashes of your loved one, you’re in luck as they are also available in wider-than-normal bands.

  1. Memorial Diamond Rings

If you possess your deceased partner or loved one’s cremated remains or a lock of hair, you can use them to customize and make a memorial diamond. It’s imperative to know that these rings take a few months to be made. After the wait, you’ll get a customized diamond that can be easily placed on not only a ring but also other jewelry like necklaces.

  1. Urn Ring That’s Identical To The Spouse’s Wedding Ring

It has become a trend to choose a ring that is identical to the expired spouse’s wedding ring. Besides carrying a small portion of your partner’s cremains, the elegant style will remind you of how much your partner loved you. Also, thicker urn rings can hold more ashes than usual. So, if that’s important to you, buy a more substantive ring.

  1. Loyalty Urn Ring

If you want an urn ring that symbolizes loyalty, these rings are for you. They let you tell others how loyal you are to your partner even after their demise by carrying a small portion of their cremation remains for the rest of your life.

  1. Cross Urn Ring

Today, ring designers have become more innovative and have introduced rings that conceal the holding of cremains inside. While they also design rings that are obvious in their looks that they hold something. These rings often come with crosses on top, which is a great choice. 

  1. Irish Cremation Ring

Several jewelry products are now made of Irish symbols, including urn rings. These rings come with an Irish cross, Irish spiral, or triple knot, resembling the primary design aspect. These urn rings go well with other jewelry pieces and make you feel more comfortable.

  1. Engraved Rings

Several urn rings come with flattened surfaces that enable you to perform engraving. You can customize these rings that consist of your loved one’s remains by incorporating words like “forever mine” or “Mon Coeur.” Also, you can engrave your partner’s initials on the urn ring.

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Final Words Get Your Urn Ring From The Best Online Retailer

When it comes to urn rings, your emotions will surely overpower your buying decision, but it’s also crucial to stick to a budget. In these challenging times, relying on a trustworthy and standard quality online retailer would be a relief.

The best online urn ring sellers only need your instruction to give you what you want. So, place an order and be relaxed.