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6 Different Types Of Companion Urns Explained

6 Different Types Of Companion Urns Explained

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What Is A Companion Urn?

Deciding what is to be done with your body after your passing can be a very difficult decision. There are a few popular choices, such as burial or cremation. It is a challenging time for your loved ones, especially your partner. Often, people make the choice to be buried in the same plot or have their ashes kept in companion urns with those of their partner. This can be reassuring and can remind people that they can be with their partners once again. You can choose from a single urn where the ashes are mixed together or kept in separate plastic packets, or from two separate urns that match each other. An efficient option is to buy urns online, where you can peruse a variety of options before settling on one. We at Titan Casket offer a diverse collection of urns to choose from and offer home delivery as well.

Cremation Vs Burial

There is a clear difference between a cremation and burial, and choosing one depends largely on your personal preferences and spiritual beliefs. Often, family traditions are also followed in either case, with many families choosing a burial plot and others continuing a cremation ritual.


Cremation is the process through which the human body is burnt to ashes. Various cultures follow this method, such as Hindus who disperse ashes in the holy river Ganga. Options for cremation include an open air pyre as with the Hindus or cremation in a closed furnace at a funeral home. The funeral home arranges for cremation and delivers the ashes to the next of kin.


Burials are a common practice which involve preparing the body, selecting a casket and burying it at a chosen location. Headstones are frequently carved to mark the grave, and the ceremony can be attended by family and friends. Burials give loved ones a single space where they can go to remember the deceased. The deceased can also be buried with their favorite objects or anything that held sentimental value. There are certain regulations that must be followed with regards to a burial, such as plot size and the number of feet below the ground where the casket rests.

6 Types Of Companion Urns

Traditional Companion Urns

Traditional companion urns are those that are widely recognized, specifically in the shape of a large vase that can be kept on a mantle within your home. These tend to be more cost effective, and can be a part of the home’s decor and aesthetic. They are lighter to carry and are usually made of ceramic.

Stone Companion Urns

Stone companion urns are often chosen to resemble a gravestone, giving a more formal appeal even with the choice of cremation. There are beautiful and sculptural stone companion urns that either include one large piece or two smaller ones that match or fit into each other. This way, the urn doesn’t blend in with home decor like a traditional choice but stands out instead.

Metal Companion Urn

Metal urns are a sleek and modern option that can be customized according to your preferences. You can choose to make a single large urn with the ashes mixed or two separate ones sitting beside each other. You can choose from a variety of metals and finishes, such as bronze, rose gold or steel.

Biodegradable Companion Urn

An increasingly popular option, biodegradable companion urns let you grow a tree or greenery from the two sets of ashes. These can be planted in your garden or backyard and create a space where the two people can be remembered together.

Pocket Urns

Pocket urns are cute, smaller sized urns in which you can deposit a small amount of ashes in order to make them easy to carry during travel and take up less space. This can also be used when you need to divide the ashes amongst a few individuals, like children. This can also be done for a pet’s ashes when multiple family members wish to keep a memento of remembrance.

Memorial Plaque Companion Urn

This is an unconventional but unique way to create a single space to remember both people. Rather than a bottle-shaped urn, this is a thin box covered with a plaque that can be mounted on a wall with ashes within. You can customize it as you please, with engravings or a piece of art of the two people.

Saying Goodbye

Whether it is a tiny urn or a large plaque on the wall, companion urns are a powerful way to remember two people who wished to be together after their passing. By combining the mementos, you have a symbol of your enduring love. Making a decision about this early on will help bring you peace of mind and ensure that you’re prepared in the case of an unforeseen medical emergency. It is crucial to formally recognize what you and your partner’s wishes are for post-death planning so that your loved ones can carry them out. You can even buy urns online in advance so that you and your partner are both happy with the choice. Titan Casket is a great destination for perusing caskets and urns online.