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A Handy Guide to Create Your Online Funeral Guestbook

A Handy Guide to Create Your Online Funeral Guestbook

Key Insights

  • An online funeral guestbook can be a great way for the people attending the ceremony to honor the person you’ve all lost.
  • It is easy to create this kind of a guestbook online these days.
  • You just need to find the right service provider and customize your book or page online.You just need to find the right service provider and customize your book or page online.
  • You just need to find the right service provider and customize your book or page online.


    The importance of a funeral guestbook

    A funeral guestbook is a place where the guests who attend the service can leave behind words of support and love for the members of the aggrieved family. It is an important part of any memorial service because guests can use it as a channel to honor the person they knew and loved. By leaving behind some special memories or some picture of their loved one, guests who attend a funeral can also make the service special for the members of the grieving family. That said, today, with online funerals becoming increasingly popular, online funeral guestbooks have also emerged as a preferred option. 

    What is an online funeral guestbook?

    An online funeral guestbook is simply a digital version of a physical memorial book. You can set up an online guestbook of this kind on websites specifically designed to host them. And the guests who attend the funeral service can sign the book and leave some wonderful words of support online itself. The great thing about online funeral guestbooks is that even people who are unable to make it to the service but want to offer support can access and contribute to them. 

    Planning for a Funeral in Advance
    Planning ahead for an end-of-life ceremony, such as a funeral or memorial service, is a wonderful way to reduce future stress on family and friends. Planning ahead also gives you a voice in the important immediate steps which will be taken after you pass.There are several ways to plan ahead for an end-of-life service so Titan Casket has compiled a simple guide on how to get started.

    How to create an online funeral guestbook?

    Creating a funeral guestbook online is fairly simple and takes hardly any time. Here is a step-by-step guide on what you need to do. 

    1. Identify the online platform where you want to create the book

    There are many online platforms that allow you to create a funeral guestbook for free online. Each platform comes with its own unique advantages and services. Here are some options that you can consider. 
    True to its name, Keeper is a service provider that allows you to keep your fondest memories of your loved ones in one place. The platform allows you to create a free memorial book with certain limited features. You can opt for the premium option if you wish to enjoy unlimited features. 
    Forever Missed:
    With the free plan on this platform, you can create a nice memorial page for the person you wish to honor. The paid package lets you access many other extra features too, like unlimited photos, HD videos and unlimited songs and music too. You can choose from monthly, annual or lifetime plans. 
    Never Gone:
    If you are looking for a platform that lets you create an online funeral guestbook for free, this is one of the best choices. Once you’ve created the page, you and other users can add photos, notes, music and other media to honor and cherish the person you’ve lost.
    Your Tribute:
    Another option that makes it easy for you to create a guestbook online without spending anything, Your Tribute is easy to navigate and a nice place to honor your loved one. Take the tour before you get started if you want to know how to proceed.
    On this user-friendly platform, you can create a beautiful memorial website for free. It helps you organize events and also create and keep memories of your loved ones easily. You can even take a look at funeral guestbook samples before you get started. 
    1. Customize the guestbook for the funeral you’re planning

    No matter how many funeral guestbook samples you look at, you will ultimately need to make your memorial page customized to honor your loved one in a special and personal manner. To do this, you can include an obituary, some nice memories and anecdotes about the person, the music they loved, some fun photos of them and other things they loved. 

    1. Let the guests know about the online funeral guestbook

    Once you’ve created the page or the book online and added some details to the memorial, you need to spread the word about it. Let the guests know about the book and give them a fair idea of what they can include when they contribute to the page or the site. Add some prompts, since this will help other guests get a better idea of what to add to the guestbook. 

    1. Share the link to the book with the people who matter

    Not all your guests may be tech-savvy. So, ensure that you have different channels to share the guestbook with friends and family. Some channels you could consider include social media, emails, and instant messaging apps. You could even have a mention of it on the funeral invitation or the funeral program.

    1. Make sure you save the memorial book

    Above all, you need to ensure that your online funeral guestbook is saved online via cloud storage. You could even download a copy of it if it’s possible, and enjoy local access to it via your computer. Make sure you keep the digital version of your funeral guestbook safe, since it’s priceless. 

    Create a lasting legacy with an online funeral guestbook

    An online funeral guestbook helps you honor and cherish the person you have lost. It also allows you to permanently record some wonderful memories you and your friends and family have of them. In case you are planning a funeral, you can use this idea to immortalize your memories of them. 

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