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All About Temporary Urns

All About Temporary Urns

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All About Temporary Urns

Storing the ashes of your loved one has become a growing practice across the world. Some people like to keep the ashes and display them in an urn, some like to distribute the ashes amongst friends and family members, some bury the ashes, while some scatter them in a place that is  meaningful to the deceased and their family.
What you choose to do with the ashes is a personal preference that you and your family members agree upon. While there are a plethora of urn options available for you

Temporary urns contain the ashes of your loved one right after cremation. They are expendable urns made out of materials that are inexpensive and are meant to be disposed of once you’re done using them.

What Are Temporary Urns?

Temporary urns contain the ashes of your loved one right after cremation. They are expendable urns made out of materials that are inexpensive and are meant to be disposed of once you’re done using them. Materials like cardboard or plastic are generally used to make temporary urns and there are some eco-friendly urns, made of sustainable materials available too.
Usually, the size of a temporary urn is about 8.5” wide and  6.5” in length with a depth of 4.5”.

Why Consider Temporary Urns? 

Post cremation, you are most likely to receive the ashes in a temporary urn from the funeral home, unless you have already selected an urn that is going to stay with you for a lifetime. If the ashes have come to you in a temporary urn, you will most likely receive them in a plastic bag inside the temporary urn. If you mean to transfer the ashes to a more permanent urn, you can do this with ease.
If you’re planning to cremate the urn, a temporary urn becomes an appropriate and fitting choice. Or if you want to scatter or bury the ashes, temporary urns can help you do so while saving money.
Another advantage of carrying a temporary urn could help you make a light traveling decision. Temporary urns are usually light and easy to travel with. In case you’re looking to carry the ashes to a place that was special to your loved one, you can do it with a temporary urn.

Where to Buy Temporary Urns?

You can buy a temporary urn online, at a funeral home or at a brick-and-mortar store.
If you’re using the services of a funeral home, inquire about whether they have temporary urns. The funeral home may have a catalog for you to pick from or a fixed range of temporary urns.
If you’re looking to buy one online, chances are- you might be able to exercise more flexibility when it comes to price, material and personalization options.
A simple search online can lead to a collection of websites that sell sturdy and beautiful-looking temporary urns.
Eco urns are easily available too, especially because some of the most popular temporary urns are made out of cardboard and paper. These urns are perfect for cremation and make for a sustainable and unique choice.
If you’re not too particular about the material, you can visit a brick-and-mortar shop and get a container that makes for an honorable temporary urn.

How Much Do Temporary Urns Cost?

Temporary urns are affordable options that meet the immediate requirements of organizing a funeral while being hassle-free. Whether it’s affording them, finding them and making use of them, temporary urns are readily available for you!
Temporary urns usually can range from 50 cents to $10. You can choose to buy a temporary urn without worrying too much about expenses and availability.
If you’re about to get one from a funeral home, you don’t have to worry too much once the final bill arrives. Temporary urns are an easy choice to make because whether you’re buying the urn online or getting it from the funeral home, you can purchase one knowing it won’t burn a hole through your pocket.
Temporary urns come in materials like metal, plastic and cardboard. Metal urns are usually made of tin whole plastic urns are made of materials like acrylic or polypropylene. Cardboard urns make for a great sustainable option.

Making the Right Choice

When you’re looking to buy a temporary urn, know that you will be buying a pocket-friendly, durable and special urn for your loved one. As the name suggests, this can be your temporary pick till you find the right urn and transfer the ashes with no ease. A choice like this gives you the time to arrange all the other essentials for the funeral and eventually get back to making a firmer decision on the kind of urn you want for your loved one.