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10 Different Types of Marble Cremation Urns

10 Different Types of Marble Cremation Urns

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Cremation Urns: Beautiful Vessels For A Lifetime

Cremation urns are graceful vessels and one of the best ways of holding close the memories of your loved one. Cremation urns carry the remains in a vessel that comes with a lid.
Today, you can find a plethora of options to pick from. That’s why it’s always an uncomplicated process to buy cremation urns online. You can scroll through all your options, compare prices and customize the urn you would like to have.
If you’re looking for an elegant and reliable urn, consider getting a marble urn. The veining and patterns on marble are inimitably gorgeous, making for a respectable tribute to your loved one.  The significance of cremation urns is to protect the memories of the deceased and a marble urn is a kind you can put your trust in. 

What To Look For While Buying a Marble Cremation Urn Online?

Cremation urns can come in two types of marble options. Natural and Cultured. As the name suggests, natural marble urns are sourced naturally that have been crystallized over time.
Cultured marble urns are manufactured and are considerably more affordable than naturally occurring marble used in urns.
While buying a cremation urn online for the ashes of loved ones you should look into the size, material, price, engravings and decoration styles available for you to pick from.

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10 Different Types of Marble Cremation Urns

  1. Clock Urn

Cremation urns that are fashioned with a clock are a marvelous pick! If you’re looking for a timeless gesture, a clock urn can remind you that your loved one is always going to be there with you. If you buy a cremation urn online, you can customize the kind of clock you want to be installed in the urn too.

  1. Marble Art Urn

If you’re looking to buy a functional cremation urn that is also aesthetically pleasing, marble art urns might be the right choice. You can also find marble art urns that resemble remarkable marble statues. 

  1. Tower Urn

Tower urns make a perfect choice- if you’re looking for an unconventional cremation urn. Tower urns are rectangular in shape and usually have compartments to store the ashes of your loved one.

  1. Angel Urn

If you remember your loved one as an angel in your life, perhaps, keeping their ashes in an angel-shaped urn could make sense to you!

Marble angel urns are designed to remind you that your loved one is always watching over you!

  1. Religious Connotation Urns

If you’re looking to buy an urn for someone who was religious, this kind of cremation urn is a wonderful choice. You can find religious urns that have praying hands or verses from the holy book on them. 

  1. Colored Marble Urn

Marble cremation urns are vivacious urns that look beautiful and functional. If you’re looking to improve the aesthetic of a marble urn, colored marble urns might be your answer. You can find solid colors, checkers, and stripes to choose from.

  1. Traditional Urns

You could never go wrong with a marble traditional urn. You can get them in various shapes, sizes and colors online. Traditional marble urns are spectacular, regardless of the kind of marble used to make them.

  1. Keepsake Urn

If you’re looking for a simple, small and durable urn, a marble keepsake urn is something you could consider getting. This is a good choice if you’re looking to distribute the ashes between your friends and family members. Keepsake urns are easy to find online as well.

  1. Marble Pet Urn

Losing your pet can be heartbreaking. Marble pet urns can carry your loved one and keep them closer to you. Pet urns are smaller in size. You can buy a cremation urn online for your pet and save your memories with them for a lifetime. Cremation urns online give you the freedom of picking from a number of urns that are suitable for your pet. 

  1. Companion Urn

Companion urns are when two urns are joined together at the base. Companion urns keep the ashes of your loved ones together. You can choose to buy this for couples or for people that you know would want to stay together, even after they’re gone.

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Making The Right Choice

Considering the significance of cremation urns, you can find the right one without having to look too much. Consider taking a look at the marble urns available on the Titan Casket’s website. You will find a multitudinous number of options to pick from, making your journey to find the right cremation urn a tad bit easier.