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All You Need To Know About Casket Sprays

All You Need To Know About Casket Sprays

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What Is A Casket Spray? 

An arrangement of flowers placed on or inside the casket at a funeral is called a casket spray. Flowers have been used since immemorial to convey sentiments when words aren’t enough. So as per tradition, either the spouse or an immediate deceased family member will usually arrange for a casket spray.

The use of casket sprays began centuries ago, and initially, they were used to serve the purpose of covering the smell of the deceased. With the advancement of time and knowledge, we no longer require flowers for this purpose, but the tradition lives on for sentimental reasons. Funeral flowers can be a powerful means of expression during grief.

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Types Of Casket Sprays

Casket sprays differ based on the type of casket styles and how the spray is arranged. A full-couch casket spray is generally found on closed caskets. Half-couch casket sprays can be used for a casket that is half open. A casket insert is when the casket spray is placed inside the casket aligning its side. This is usually done in open caskets, which are see-through when the bereaved can see the deceased’s body.

There are several casket spray ideas to suit different personalities and themes. The deceased’s disposition and preferences are usually significant factors in deciding what arrangement to opt for. For example, if the deceased were religious, the flowers might be selected in a cross shape. Some other forms in which casket sprays are used include wreaths, hearts, easel sprays, or floral baskets.

Sometimes loved ones who are not part of the deceased’s immediate family will send some of these smaller floral arrangements separately from the primary casket spray. You will most likely spot these flowers placed slightly further away from the deceased’s body as a sign of respect for the grieving immediate family members.


Flowers Used For Casket Sprays

The deceased’s family typically selects the flowers used in the spray. Flowers used are roses, lilies, sunflowers, carnations, daisies, or tulips, depending on the symbolism that resonates with you.

Lilies are often seen at funerals because they are considered to symbolize innocence. Carnations are a popular choice due to affordability. Roses are a universal symbol of love and admiration, and deep red roses are considered to represent sorrow.

Most of the time, the color of the flowers is a more accurate indication of the symbolism being portrayed. White flowers represent purity and the idea of rebirth, and they are often used since they can blend well with all the other colors. Additionally, most flowers are easily available in white, making them a common sight at funerals.

Yellow and red are the next most customary colors used in funeral flowers, with red symbolizing love and yellow representing friendship. Some less common colors of flowers used in casket sprays are lavender and blue. While blue flowers are wielded as a symbol of sympathy, lavender flowers can convey deep respect and might be a good choice for a more formal relationship.

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Wrapping Up

The cost of a casket spray usually ranges from $100 to $500, but ultimately the final price will depend on the flowers you choose. Make sure to place the order for your casket spray with your florist well in advance since designing a casket spray is a time-intensive task. In most cases, the florist can also be expected to coordinate with the funeral home to ensure timely delivery. 

If you have questions about picking the right casket spray, you can always ask your florist or even your funeral director because they are likely to have experience in these matters. Although losing a loved one always comes with inconsolable pain, the right floral arrangement can certainly help you honor the loss meaningfully.