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All You Need To Know About Cemeteries In Usa

All You Need To Know About Cemeteries In Usa

Reviewed By: Elizabeth Siegel

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For most of us, the idea of a cemetery is one of little delight and much spookiness and terror. Ominous imagery of grave-crawling zombies, smokey tombstones and blinding fog works great on television but is far from a realistic telling of what you are likely to see if you visit one in real time. In fact, there are several beautiful and famous cemeteries that are famous across the United States. They offer a great moment of peace and reflection, with their wide paths to walk along. If you are interested in reading more about them, here is a list of 8 beautiful cemeteries you must visit in the United States. 

What Are Cemeteries? 

The body of a deceased person is interred or buried at a cemetery. It is a space created as their final resting place. In the West, funeral ceremonies take place at a cemetery. Today’s cemeteries even have crematoria. Cemeteries are also places for people to pay visits to the graves of their loved ones. It is a place to remember them. It is also a place many people come to see for its scenic value and the serenity the space may elude. 

List Of Beautiful Cemeteries To Visit

  1. Woodlawn Cemetery, New York City: New York is no stranger to beautiful cemeteries. The Woodlawn Cemetery is the finest example of a 400-acre in a pocket of the city’s Bronx. It has earned the stamp of a National historical landmark, with its stately sepulcher and open space. The Woodlawn Cemetery first opened in 1863. Interestingly, it was the sole cemetery with a statue erected in memory of the Titanic. Names like Miles David, Celia Cruz and Irving Berlin are carved into the cemetery graves. 
  2. Trinity Church Cemetery New York: Perhaps one of the most well-known cemeteries in the United States, the Trinity Church Cemetery was first opened in 1697. It is part of the three churches that form the Trinity Church Cemetery. St. Paul’s Chapel and Trinity Uptown Cemetery are the other two. Famous state figures such as George Washington had pews in the first Trinity Church. Alexander Hamilton was even buried in this cemetery. 
  3. The Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah: This is Savannah’s largest cemetery, spanning 160 acres. Once a plantation, the cemetery is home to gorgeous weathered tombs and several oaks. There is an eerie charm to the space, that also offers some comfort with its foliage. 
  4. The Hollywood Forever Cemetery, California: This cemetery is home to the most famous grave sites. It is situated in the heart of Hollywood, next to Paramount Studios. The Cemetery is a scenic site—- green, with palm trees,  mausoleums and even a pond. You must visit the cemetery during a Cinespia film screening. Here you can watch movies in the garden and a bar will cater to you with snacks and drinks. Judy Garland and The Ramones are two famous names buried here. 
  5. Neptune Memorial Reef, Key Biscayne: This is an underwater, artificial reef columbarium, situated off the coast of Key Biscayne. It stretches to about sixteen acres, making it the biggest man-made reef. The cemetery continues to be under construction, now having the remains of about eight hundred and fifty people. After completion, a total of two-hundred and fifty-thousand more body remains are expected to be held at the cemetery. The space has morphed statues and headstones by mixing cement with cremated remains. It is also home to several species of fish and coral.  
  6. Crown Hill Cemetery, Indianapolis: The Crown Hill Cemetery is the third biggest privately owned cemetery in the United States, stretching as vastly as five hundred and fifty-five acres. The landscape covers a wide stretch of roads, several kinds of trees and tombs that are older than 200 years. It gets its name from the elaborate gothic-style entrance gate. Since it is eight-hundred and forty-two feet above sea level, the site doubles as a fabulous viewpoint of the city’s skyline.