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7 Most Famous Cemeteries Around The World

7 Most Famous Cemeteries Around The World

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Ever Wondered If There Are Famous Cemeteries Around The World?

There’s a long list of famous places to see around the world. Right from famous mountains and museums to famous restaurants and racecourses, the list is quite long and well-populated. But have you ever wondered if there are popular or well-known cemeteries around the world? If you have a taste for the unconventional, chances are, you’ve probably thought of this. Or perhaps you’re thinking about it now.

Whatever the case may be, here is a list of some of the most famous cemeteries around the world. Perhaps you could add it to your travel bucket list and pay a visit the next time you are in the vicinity of any of these well-known cemeteries. 

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7 Of The Most Famous Cemeteries Around The World

Some of them are spooky, some of them are fascinating, while others are breathtakingly beautiful. Check out the 7 most famous cemeteries in different parts of the world. 

1. The Merry Cemetery, Romania

Located in the quaint village of Săpânța in Romania, the Merry Cemetery is a place that offers a new spin to death. True to its name, it aims to celebrate death and make it a lighter subject — perhaps one that can even put a smile on your face and change your perspective about it. The place is full of colorful cartoon representations as well as darkly humorous poems about the lives of the people buried in the cemetery plots.  

2. Waverley Cemetery, Australia

If you’re looking for a cemetery that can take your breath away, this one needs to be on the list. Located right by the sea in Sydney, Australia, the Waverley Cemetery was established in 1877 and today, spreads across 40 acres of land and is home to around 50,000 gravesites. You also get some excellent views of the city from this famous cemetery. And if you’re a movie buff, you’ll possibly recall that Gatsby’s funeral in ‘The Great Gatsby’ was shot here.

3. Père Lachaise, Paris, France

This is one of the most famous graveyards in the world, popular not just among travelers but also among lovers of literature and history enthusiasts. Among the 70,000 odd cemetery plots in this graveyard are the resting places of famous writers, philosophers, musicians and politicians like Edith Piaf, Jim Morrison, Amedeo Modigliani and Oscar Wilde. There are guided tours in the cemetery too for anyone who’s interested. 

4. Aoyama Cemetery, Japan

With the cemetery plots of many of the famous historically and culturally prominent people in Japan’s capital city, Tokyo. In addition to the popular graves, another major reason this cemetery features in the list of famous gravesites is because of the cherry blossoms that bloom in the area each spring. During the weeks from late March to early May, this cemetery is exquisitely beautiful, thanks to a canopy of these delicate flowers. 

5. Green-Wood Cemetery, USA

If you live in or around Brooklyn, it’s possible that you’ve already been to this national landmark. Spread over 478 acres, this famous cemetery was opened in 1838 and has since become the final resting place of over 560,000 people. With impressive gothic gates, stunning statues of Biblical scenes and serene ponds, this is a must-visit cemetery in our very own USA. 

6. Xoxocotlán, Mexico

Have you always been fascinated by the Mexican custom to honor their departed on the Day of the Dead? If you answered yes to that, the Xoxocotlán cemetery in Mexico is the place you want to be in on this special day. Although beautiful in many ways on all days of the year, it is particularly otherworldly on the Mexican Day of the Dead. With thousands of flowers, candles, and even music and songs all around the cemetery plots, this is a memory you’ll never forget. 

7. The Old Jewish Cemetery, The Czech Republic

Want to take a trip back in time? The Old Jewish Cemetery in Prague in the Czech Republic is an excellent place to head to if that’s what’s on your list. This famous cemetery has around 12,000 tombstones but has over 100,000 people buried in the cemetery plots. The place dates back to the 15th century and has no trace of modern technology, making it a haunting yet tranquil spot. 

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Consider A Visit To These Places If You’re In Any Of These Countries

Did any of the famous cemetery on this list catch your fancy? If they did, make a note of these on your travel wishlist and drop by some of these places if you’re ever in any of the cities mentioned above. These famous graveyards are proof that death, while tragic in many ways, can still be a celebration and ode to the people we loved and lost.