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Annie Wersching Casket and Funeral Details

Annie Wersching Casket and Funeral Details

Actress Annie Wersching, known for her work in 24, Bosch, and Timeless, passed away from cancer this morning, confirmed by her publicist. She was 45.

Annie Wersching Career

Despite her diagnosis in 2020, Wersching continued her acting career with notable performances in Star Trek: Picard as the Borg Queen in Season 2 and The Rookie. She was also the voice of Tess in the popular video game The Last of Us, which was later adapted into an HBO series.

Her husband, actor Stephen Full, released a statement saying, "Today, our family's soul has a cavernous hole, but Annie left us with the tools to fill it. She found joy in the simplest moments and didn't need music to dance. She taught us to actively seek adventure and we will continue to do so in her memory.

Annie Wersching was raised in St. Louis by her parents Sandy and Frank. She made her debut in the entertainment industry as Amelia Joffe in the soap opera General Hospital. She later became known for her role as Renee Walker in Seasons 7 and 8 of 24. Wersching also had notable appearances in The Vampire Diaries, Runaways, Extant, Timeless, Bosch, and The Rookie.

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Funeral Details And Casket Of Annie Wersching

Annie funeral and casket details are not yet made public yet. Keep watching this space for more details on Annie Wersching funeral.

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