Your Guide to Funeral Planning | 06.29.2023

Funeral pre-planning May Be The Solution To Avoid Unnecessary Funeral Expenses

Funeral pre-planning May Be The Solution To Avoid Unnecessary Funeral Expenses

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An Open Secret - Funerals Can Be Expensive 

When people plan for the big events in life, funerals are often forgotten. This can be unfortunate because, without the right approach, funerals can quickly become quite expensive. Reports suggest that the median funeral costs for cremation are around $6,970, while the median expenses for a burial can exceed $7,800. 

While these are the average numbers, a lack of planning can make funeral costs add up to even $10,000 or more. If you are interested in avoiding unnecessary funeral expenses and saving money during funeral planning, there’s one easy solution for you — a pre-planned funeral.

3 Ways In Which A Pre-Planned Funeral Helps You Avoid Unnecessary Expenses

Funeral pre-planning helps avoid unforeseen and unnecessary expenses in many ways. Here’s a closer look at how this works. 

  • Cost control: 

When you pre-plan a funeral, you have the opportunity to explore different options and compare prices. This allows you to make informed decisions and choose services and products that fit within your budget. By knowing the costs in advance, you can avoid unnecessary funeral expenses and make choices that align with your financial situation.

  • Price protection: 

Funeral costs can increase over the years due to inflation and other factors. By pre-planning, you can lock in the current prices for the services and merchandise you select. This protects you and your family from potential future price increases, ensuring that you pay the agreed-upon amount regardless of when the funeral takes place.

  • Avoiding emotional overspending: 

When a loved one passes away, emotions can run high, and people may be inclined to make impulsive decisions or choose extravagant options. By pre-planning, you can make rational choices in a calm and thoughtful manner, free from the emotional stress of the moment. This helps prevent unnecessary expenses that may arise from emotional overspending.

4 Unnecessary Costs You Can Avoid By Pre-Planning A Funeral

Now that you know how funeral pre-planning minimizes overspending, check out some of the top unnecessary expenses that you can avoid by planning in advance.  

  • Unnecessary upgrades: 

Without pre-planning, your family may feel pressured to upgrade various aspects of the funeral service, such as the casket, floral arrangements, or the venue. These upgrades can significantly increase the overall cost of the funeral. By planning in advance, you can carefully pre-order a casket and select the services and products that align with your preferences and budget, eliminating the need for expensive upgrades.

  • Last-minute fees: 

When arrangements are made hastily, especially without pre-planning, funeral providers may charge additional fees for rush services or expedited delivery of goods. However, with funeral pre-planning, you can avoid these last-minute fees, as you would have already made arrangements well in advance. This gives funeral service providers ample time to prepare without incurring extra charges.

  • Unwanted services: 

Without pre-planning, families may feel obligated to include services or products that may not be necessary or desired. This could include extras like limousine services, embalming, or extensive catering options. Pre-planning allows you to clearly communicate your preferences and exclude any unnecessary services that would only add to the overall cost.

  • Future price increases: 

Funeral costs tend to rise over time due to inflation and other factors. By pre-planning, you lock in the current prices for the services and merchandise you select, protecting yourself from potential future price increases. This ensures that you pay the agreed-upon amount, regardless of when the funeral takes place.

Make Your Funeral Affordable And Memorable With Pre-Planning

An affordable funeral can also be memorable for all your loved ones. It all depends on the choices you make. We at Titan Casket facilitate easy funeral planning for anyone who is interested in saving money in the long run. You can visit our website, browse through over 1,000 casket options and pre-plan a casket today. What’s more, you can also lock in today’s prices and put any worries about inflation to rest.