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Coffin For Couples: Can You Be Buried With Your Partner

Coffin For Couples: Can You Be Buried With Your Partner



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Can You Be Buried With Your Partner?

You can be buried with or next to your partner. The only catch is that this answer depends on where you reside, where you would prefer being laid to rest and if you can find a plot big enough. You may be wondering how this is possible. Are there Couple coffins? What types of coffins might accommodate a couple? 

Can Couples Be Placed in the Same Coffin?

While it may be possible if there is a big enough coffin and plot to accommodate the couple, there are many other logistical constraints that may not permit this to happen. 

  • Having a large enough casket for two may not be easily transportable.
  • You may not be able to find a site big enough to bury the coffin.
  • It may only be possible if you and your partner pass at the same time
  • If you and your partner pass at different times, it would not be feasible to reopen a casket that already has the body of your deceased partner.  

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What Are The Alternatives for a Couple Burial?

A double-depth burial is perhaps the most accessible alternative to arrange with your local cemetery network. Here, you will be required to pre-purchase a grave space together. The two caskets will be placed one-on-top of each other in most cases. You can arrange one grave marker for the two names. Another option is to have one partner’s ashes in an urn, and the other’s remains in a casket. The urn can be placed on top of the casket and buried in a single plot with one erected marker. A common alternative you could consider is pre-purchasing two cemetery plots adjacent to or next to each other. This may not be the most economical option since you need to purchase two, but you will be right near your beloved.

Some people hate the idea of having their loved ones bury them. It is a gruesome, stressful and emotionally exhausting experience for someone. In such cases, you may opt for a joint funeral plan. Here, both couples’ names are added to the funeral plan, and it covers the death of the first one that passes. However, it does not amount to both partners sharing a burial space. 

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Ever heard your partner say, “till death do us part”? What if you could spend eternity together on earth instead? Being buried with your partner is a sentimental and meaningful wish that proves true commitment to your marital or relationship bonds. People are often fascinated by the idea of being put to their final rest along with the person they love. You may have noticed that at some cemeteries, married couples have their graves next to each other in the same plot. It is also common to have families share plots and graves.

There are additional benefits to such a commitment:

  • Arranging a double-depth burial saves you money on purchasing double the cemetery space. 
  • You also save costs by sharing a monument and costs. 
  • If you organize your paperwork in time, you can find a double depth in time. This makes it easier for your loved one to identify both of your graves when the time comes. 
  • The ashes of your partner may also be contained in an urn placed above your casket, which occupies less space and costs less money.