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Cost Of Different Types Of Urns - Online And Offline

Cost Of Different Types Of Urns - Online And Offline

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Looking For The Right Urn 

Holding a funeral can be hard, especially if you’ve lost someone that you loved dearly. Apart from dealing with the mental stress and angst of losing a loved one, dealing with the anxiety of arranging a funeral can hang over your head. Decisions like whether you want to buy an urn and things like the cost of urns and where to buy an urn can add to the stress of it all.
In situations like these, it’s best to have information on urns at your fingertips. If you’re looking to buy an urn, you could visit a funeral home or buy them online.

How To Go About Buying An Urn? 

You can always visit a funeral home and have a look at their collection of urns or head over to the closest Walmart or Costco.  Urns from Walmart range from $10 to $300 and urns from Costco range between $100 to $150. These urns come in different shapes and sizes with options like cremation boxes, jewelry pieces, photo urns, themed urns and keepsakes. To reduce the hassle of finding the right urn for the price and style that suits your preference, it would be simpler to shop for urns online.

Types Of Urns and Their Cost 

Before buying an urn, you could consider things like whether you intend to display the urn or bury it, budget restraints, engravings,  size, materials, and so on. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, buying an urn will become considerably easier for you.

Marble or Stone Urns
If you’re looking to buy a sturdy urn, marble or stone could make for a great choice. They usually come up to between $50 to $500. Marble or stone urns are graceful and can be displayed on the top of your shelf with ease. 

Metal Urns 
Another sturdy and practical urn to store the ashes in is metal urns ranging between $50 to $300. You could go for urns that are made of pure metal that are higher in price or opt for a cheaper option that is made of alloys. Most metal urns are made of brass, copper, alloys, steel, and aluminum. 

Wooden Urn
Wooden urns come in various shapes and materials like rosewood, pine, oak and so on. Some are traditional while some are in the shape of a hexagon or a box. Wooden urns can be easily engraved and so if you’re looking for a personalized urn for your loved one, this might be an urn material to consider. You can inlay these with gemstones to add a special touch to them. Wooden urns usually range between $50 to $400. 

Porcelain Urns 

If you’re looking for a material that’s suitable for cremation, porcelain urns tick that box. Porcelain urns are usually made out of materials like ceramic and glass that come in different textures too.  You can inlay these materials with ease or add detailed designs to them. They usually cost between $400 to $2000. These are usually on the higher end but make more graceful and sturdy urns

Biodegradable Urns

Sustainability goes a long way in today’s world. If you’re particular about the materials used to make the urn, you don’t have to worry too much. Urns made with biodegradable materials come in options like leaves, recycled paper, natural wood, coconut shells, etc. They are priced at $50 to $150 on average and are readily available if you shop for the urn online.

Companion Urns
You could opt for a companion urn if you’re looking to store the ashes of couples or people who would have liked to stay together, even in the afterlife. Companion urns come in various sizes and materials and usually cost around $200 to $1250.

Keepsake urns can be used if you want to store a tiny amount of ash or if you’re about to distribute them amongst your family members or friends. Keepsakes are usually decorative, that’s why they come in materials like ceramic, stone, wood, or glass. The average cost of a keepsake urn is around $25 to $200, depending on the material that you choose. 

Making A Satisfactory Choice

Whether you’re buying an urn from a store or surfing the web, finding satisfaction in the purchase is important. Take your time to consider all your options and your intentions with them. Based on these choices, you can filter your options down to the urn that fits all your needs. If you’re looking for urns online, take a look at the options available on the Titan Casket website. You can customize the urn based on your preferences and protect the memories of your loved one, safely and respectfully.