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Guide To Camouflage Caskets: Types And Costs.

Camouflage Caskets

Reviewed By: Scott Ginsberg

Cross Checked By: Elizabeth Siegel


What Is A Camouflage Casket?

Caskets that adopt a camouflage or military color pattern are called camouflage caskets or camo caskets. Camouflage clothing enables people to blend in with their environments and is worn by soldiers and hunters for practical purposes. The inspiration behind the camo pattern is animals like the leopard, whose spotted coat helps him hide in the jungle, or the chameleon, who can change colors to match his surroundings. Some people also wear camo patterns, because it represents a rugged aesthetic. Camouflage caskets are usually used for veterans or people who were passionate about hunting or fishing or camo was their favorite color.

Cost Of Camo Caskets.

Camo caskets can cost anywhere between $2000 and $5,000, however, the cost can be even higher than $10,000 in some cases. The camo pattern is different from a standard casket; hence, it warrants a higher price. To save money on camo-colored caskets, you can try buying them from online retailers like Titan Casket rather than funeral homes. For instance, a high-end camo colored casket costing $6,500 at a funeral home can be bought online for $3,500. In case your loved one is terminally ill or old, you can purchase a camo casket in advance to save even more money.

Various Types Of Military Color Caskets.

People usually think of the army green camouflage color, however, there are several types of camo patterns available.

Caskets with camouflage exteriors.
There is a lot of scope for customization while buying caskets. If you’re looking to stand out, then consider getting a casket with camo exteriors.

Caskets with camouflage linings.
In this particular variant, only the interiors of the casket are lined with a camo-colored fabric, whereas the exterior resembles a traditional casket style. This feature is suitable for those who have an eye for subtle details.

Military color casket.
The army green is the most widely known pattern of camo. It’s an obvious choice for veterans and also for anyone who is a military enthusiast. Some call of duty fans also prefer this color of caskets.

Desert color caskets.
While the army green is suitable for jungle terrain, the desert color casket is more apt for someone who has served in desert areas. Veterans of the Afghan war are likely to appreciate this color, which comes in different shades of brown and tan.

Blue camo caskets.
Blue camo was the color of United States Navy uniforms, for the period 2008 to 2019. Popularly known as blueberries, these uniforms differentiated the Navy from other branches of the military such as the army. Hence, it’s an obvious choice for Navy veterans. 

Snow camouflage casket.
The snow camouflage pattern is used in snowy regions. Since the idea behind camouflage is to blend in with the environment, snow-colored uniforms help soldiers conceal themselves from the enemy on snowy battlefields.

Woodland camouflage caskets.
The woodland camo is a slight variant of the military green camo. This pattern is more suitable for hunters who need to blend in wooded environments. Some woodland camouflage caskets also incorporate depictions of popular game like deer. If the deceased used to be a hunter, then this casket is a no-brainer.

Orange camouflage caskets
Did you know that deer cannot see the color orange? Hence, even if a hunter is donning an orange vest, it would not hinder his camouflage, however, it would be highly visible to other hunters in the area and hence aid in each other’s security.

Fashion camouflage caskets
If you just wish to make a fashion statement and add a bit of quirkiness to the traditional camo design, then the fashion camouflage casket is your option to go for. You can choose any color like pink or neon or fuchsia, and create a custom style for the casket.

Camouflage caskets for children
A lot of children regard soldiers as their heroes. Many children are also huge fans of shooting games like Call of duty or battlefield. Hence, it’s no surprise that camouflage caskets are popular even for children. They even cost less since the size of these caskets is smaller than caskets made for adults. You can get a camo casket for children for as low as $150.