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How Long Do Living Urns Last?

How Long Do Living Urns Last?

Key Insights

  • Living urns can take 1 to 20 years to degrade and mix into the soil
  • Tree urns are made of recycled plant material like bamboo or wood
  • You can plant the tree urn on your property, a park, the church or in a forest (after permission)
  • You can find tree urns that are 1.5 to 4 feet tall on The Living Urn Company’s website

Living Urns And The Rate Of Degradation

Living urns are biodegradable and can take anywhere from 1 year to 20 years to completely degrade and mix into the soil. This is when you introduce the urn into the soil. A living urn could otherwise stay for as long as you need, so far as it’s kept away from moisture. 

Finding the right way of parting with your loved one is always a hard choice to make. In today’s world, people are trying to get creative and step out of the traditional boxes to change the ways of burying the ashes of their loved ones. A trend that has scooped the attention of many people is biodegradable urns. With rising climate and pollution problems, it becomes almost our duty to take care of the planet. A living urn could be an eco-friendly solution while paying respects to our loved ones in an innovative way. 

What Is A Tree Urn? 

Tree urns, also known as burial pods or tree burials, are memorials that are made out of recycled plant materials. Usually, you can get them in a kit made of 100% biodegradable materials, including the packaging. These living urns are made out of materials like bamboo or wood and are environmentally friendly. Most times, you will find trees like red maple, red oak, white oak, pink dogwood, white dogwood, weeping willow, Japanese cherry blossom, red maple, sugar maple, crape myrtle, sweet bay, sycamore, tulip, Ginkgo Biloba, and American elm trees as options to store the remains of your loved one. 

Tree urns are unique and last for a long time because they are strong and rigid before they are introduced to the elements. You can store the ash for as long as you need in a dry place and introduce it to the soil when you’re ready. 

Once the tree urn is placed in the soil, it will almost immediately degrade into the soil. Gaining traction, biodegradable urns like the Eco burial urn can hold the cremated remains of your loved one. Once it is exposed to the soil, it can take 1 year to 18 months to completely mix with the soil. 

Details You Should Know Before Buying A Plant Urn 

Apart from selecting the type of plant or tree, it’s important that you consider things like location, size, and price. 

You could plant the tree or place the plant urn on your property and have your loved one close to you at all times. Do remember to check the regulations before buying a tree urn

If your loved one had a favorite park that he/she/they visited, you can also have the tree planted there. Cemeteries and burial grounds also allow you to plant the urn. You can also have the tree planted at the church or even in a forest. It’s important that you look into getting approvals and permissions before doing so. 

The Living urn is one such place where you can find trees that are 1.5 to 4 feet tall that come directly from their renowned nursery. It’s the only place you can find a tree as a part of the planting system and not a sapling or seed that you have to wait to grow over time. 

You could choose to have a small amount of ash in the living tree and distribute the rest in bio urns to your family members. There are instructions provided on how to take care of the tree given the amount of cremated ash placed in it. 

A simple scattering urn can cost you $59 and a plant urn can cost you $130. 

Making A Biodegradable Urn

Simplicity, The Natural Way

Living urns are a thoughtful and graceful way to say goodbye to your loved one. They are perfect for people who are environmentally conscious and want a unique way of parting ways. A plant urn will not only hold the ashes of your loved ones but also add to the greenery, reducing the carbon footprint. Find The Living Urn’s products on our website and give a unique farewell to your loved one. 

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