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How Much Should You Pay For A Casket

How Much Should You Pay For A Casket

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Need A Casket? What To Do?

While organizing a funeral, buying a casket becomes one of the biggest expenses to carry. Whether you have planned the expenses in advance or if it is an unforeseen expense, it’s important to have all the funeral prerequisites met on time.

You can buy a casket online and have it delivered to your doorstep or you could visit funeral homes to do the same. As long as you’re aware of the casket prices, the Funeral Rule and insurance policies, you’re good to go!
Figuring out a plan of action before buying a casket can help make the process easier. At the end of this, you want to have a casket that meets all of your needs but the needs of your loved one too.


The Average Cost Of A Casket

While looking at casket prices, you may stumble upon a number of options ranging between $699 to $4,999 and above. The price will depend on your choice of materials, designs, and added details but overarchingly, the average casket cost comes up to over $2,000.

There is also a huge difference in price when it comes to offline and online marketplaces. Funeral homes do charge a lot for a casket, due to various reasons, but the cost of a casket online is dramatically less. On average, the cost of a casket online is 50% less than that of a funeral home!


Types Of Caskets

While narrowing down your options, considering the types of caskets out there will help you reach a decision that works for you quicker. 

Cloth Caskets: Usually starting at $599 to $799, cloth-covered caskets are made of a strong cardboard shell and a flat top. These make for graceful, yet affordable caskets.

Cremation Caskets: Cremation caskets are caskets made out of materials that can be cremated along with the body. They are priced between $100 to $3000 dollars and above. The average casket cost comes up to about $500. Cremation caskets can come in a range of colors too.

Steel Caskets: Highly sought-after steel caskets are perfect if you’re looking for durability and exquisiteness. Steel caskets come in a multitude of options in terms of color, size, style, etc. The average price of steel caskets is about $2,000.

Wooden caskets: Wooden caskets are another type of casket that is usually high in demand. That’s because the casket price ranges between $999 to $3,000. Again, you can pick from a variety of materials; be it rosewood, mahogany, maple, cedar, oak, pine, etc. The price of these caskets depends on the choice of material and the size you buy them in. Oversized wooden caskets are easily available too.

Biodegradable caskets: Also known as green caskets, biodegradable caskets are an affordable and sustainable option. Made with natural materials like cardboard, pine, bamboo, seagrass, or willow, biodegradable caskets cost between $499 to $1,900.

Bronze and copper caskets: Bronze and copper are charismatic materials that make for sturdy options. An average bronze or copper casket may cost you $3,000 but can go up to $6,000 and more, depending on the size and style that you pick. These are relatively more expensive and the actual price of the casket includes the choice you make of the exterior and interior color, hardware, and rubber gasket and lock options.

Specialty caskets: If you have something specific in mind, choosing a specialty casket becomes your go-to option. From themes like flower caskets, religious caskets, farmer caskets, hunter caskets, firefighter caskets, and camouflage caskets, you can have the casket custom-made to your preferences. These casket prices usually range between $1,000 to $3,999, depending on the choice of material, size, and style.


Buy The Casket That Meets Your Needs

While shopping for caskets, if you keep these tips and tricks in mind, you will be able to narrow your options down and buy the right casket at the right price.

Remember to take some time and lay out your options, and understand casket pricing and the regulations that come with it. Go through the Funeral Rules and compare caskets from online stores and funeral homes. Titan Caskets can be one of the few places you can visit online. Our website can help you funnel your options right down to price, type, material, color, and more.

Buying from a place that you can trust is important and so having information that you can have at the back of your hand can help you pick the casket that meets all your needs