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Ms. Minnie Open Casket And Funeral Details

Ms. Minnie Open Casket And Funeral Details

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Ashley “Minnie” Ross - Reality Tv Star And General Crowd Favorite

Ashley Ross, more popularly known as Ashley “Minnie” Ross or simply Ms. Minnie, was born in Tennessee in October 1985. She suffered from achondroplasia — a genetic condition that causes a kind of limb dwarfism in people. During the initial years of her adult life, Ms. Minnie worked as a hairstylist. However, she shot to fame in 2016, as one of the main characters in the reality TV show Little Women: Atlanta. 

The show, which was a spin-off series to the original show Little Women: LA, followed the lives of a group of little people based in Atlanta, Georgia. As a part of the reality TV series, Ms. Minnie grew into a crowd favorite and quickly became a household name among fans of the show. 

She even went on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show as a guest. Interestingly, the radio show was once co-hosted by Shirlene "Ms.Juicy" King Pearson — another cast member from Little Women: Atlanta. Ashley “Minnie” Ross also appeared on The Breakfast Club — an American syndicated radio show based in New York City.

Ms. Minnie remained an integral part of Little Women: Atlanta from the pilot episode of the very first season to the fifth episode of season 6, which was when she passed away.

Ms. Minnie’s Demise - Unexpected And Tragic

At around 11 PM on the night of April 26, 2020, Ms. Minnie was reportedly involved in a car crash. The accident occurred near the Old National Highway in Atlanta. She was allegedly found to be unresponsive even at the site of the accident, and was then taken to Grady Memorial Hospital. 

Medical staff deciphered that the automobile collision had broken Ms. Minnie’s neck and both her legs. Nevertheless, she was still conscious and continued to be hospitalized for around 24 hours until April 27, 2020, when she eventually succumbed to her injuries and passed away. At the time of her demise, she was only around 34 years of age. 

The Final Tribute - Ms. Minnie’s Open Casket Funeral

Nearly a fortnight after her passing, Ms. Minnie’s funeral was held on May 9, 2020. She was mourned by friends, family, fans and cast members equally. Her co-stars reminisced about Minnie’s cheerful and generous nature and celebrated their bond with the star by recalling their favorite memories of her. 

Ashley “Minnie” Ross was laid to rest in an open casket, so close relatives and guests at the service could view and bid her farewell to her one last time. Since the coronavirus outbreak was escalating at the time, the service was open only to close family members. As for cast members of Little Women: Atlanta, the Salinas sisters were the only two people allowed to be in attendance. The in-person guest list was limited in order to keep the social distancing protocols in place. However, the ceremony was live streamed online, so the general public could also pay their tributes and remember Ms. Minnie fondly. 

Why Do Some People Choose An Open Casket Funeral?

Although funerals traditionally involve a closed casket, many people choose to have an open casket viewing instead, for various reasons. One of the main factors that drive people to choose an open casket is that it brings more closure to friends and family. Particularly in case of sudden and unexpected passings, as was the case with Ashley “Minnie” Ross, having an open casket can make it easier to process the loss. 

An open casket may also be a comforting choice if the person who passed away suffered a great deal of ill health before their death. Seeing them laid to rest peacefully, almost as if asleep, can comfort family and friends significantly. 

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