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Quick Tips For Buying A Casket Online

Quick Tips For Buying A Casket Online

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Understanding The ‘Funeral Rule’

Enacted by the Federal Trade Commission, the Funeral Rule states explicitly that when it comes to the matter of a casket for your loved one’s funeral, you can buy coffins online. You do not necessarily have to purchase the casket from a funeral home. Additionally, as per the Funeral Rule, it is illegal for a funeral home to refuse to offer services to those who have purchased the casket from elsewhere, irrespective of whether it is an online or offline purchase. 

When you opt for caskets from online casket companies such as Titan Caskets, you can secure a casket at affordable rates, and can also avail a number of benefits. These include free shipping (within three days), as well as customizations as per your preferences. 

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Why Should You Buy A Casket Online?

The grief you deal with when you lose a loved one can be unbearable and organizing their funeral in the midst of it all can seem nearly impossible. In such a situation, rather than going to a funeral home and hand-picking a casket, you can opt to purchase caskets online. Rather than having to depend on funeral homes for caskets, which are often offered at greatly marked-up rates, you can buy coffins online, and do so at a more economical rate.

When you decide to purchase caskets online, you can avoid paying the extra charges passed on by funeral homes and can spend time researching the best option for paying a befitting tribute to your loved one.

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Quick Tips For Buying A Casket Online

When opting for a casket for your loved one, by choosing to look at caskets online, you not only save money but also have the liberty of choosing from a wide range of options, from the comfort of your home. Elucidated below are some tips to buy a casket online:

  • Ascertain Your Budget: Irrespective of whether you are planning to purchase your casket online or offline, having a fixed budget for the same is always helpful. By fixing a budget beforehand, you can be sure to only look for caskets that fall within the price range you can afford. This prevents you from squandering your resources, which can be used for other aspects of the memorial service.
  • Amass All Necessary Information: Before you purchase the casket, make sure you coordinate with the funeral director, to better understand when and where the casket needs to be delivered. Additionally, this will help you better ascertain if you need to convey any specific instructions at the time of making the purchase.
  • Visit a Funeral Home or Showroom: Even if you are certain you will be purchasing the casket online, it will not hurt to visit a showroom or even a funeral home. By doing so, you can make sure to check what different materials (wood or metal) look like and can also check out the different types of interiors.
  • Check for Customer Service Number and Other Contact Information: When you decide to buy coffins online, make sure that the vendor you are making the purchase from has listed a customer service/contact number. This will prove to be beneficial in the case of a discrepancy. Additionally, also ensure that the vendor has a specifically stated privacy policy in place.
  • Check for Hidden Costs: While purchasing caskets online, ensure that there are no hidden costs associated with your purchase. As per the Funeral Rule, the funeral home cannot charge you any fees to accept the casket.
  • Check for Delivery Area and Time: Before purchasing a casket online, make sure the vendor delivers to your area of residence. Additionally, also ensure that the date of delivery listed by the vendor suits your needs, keeping the funeral and associated services in mind.
  • Check for BBB Reviews and Complaints: Finally, before you purchase a casket online, make sure you check the Better Business Bureau, to see if the vendor has any complaints listed against them or their products. By checking the reviews listed, as well as the complaints, you can get a better idea of the authenticity of the vendor, and the product in question.

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Losing a loved one is an immensely painful time. However, you must somehow find the strength and courage to make arrangements for their last rites, even in such tumultuous times. Visiting a funeral home and making arrangements can be both emotionally and financially draining. 

This is precisely when you can opt for the services offered by Titan Casket. By visiting our website today, you can browse through a wide variety of caskets we have on offer, and choose from a number of colors, materials, and customizations.  This comes with the added benefit of guaranteed delivery within three days.