Your Guide to Funeral Planning | 06.01.2023

Steer Clear Of Expensive Funeral Costs With Funeral Pre-Planning

Steer Clear Of Expensive Funeral Costs With Funeral Pre-Planning

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Funeral Pre-Planning - A Financially Beneficial Move For Yourself And Your Loved Ones

Funeral pre-planning is the process of making your funeral arrangements in advance so that you can make the significant decisions about your burial or cremation yourself. It involves making choices and documenting your preferences about the type of funeral, the kind of service, the location, the funeral home, and the funeral service. Planning a funeral in advance allows you to reduce the overall cost of your funeral in many ways. If you are keen on saving money during your funeral, you can opt for a pre-planned funeral

Avoiding Funeral Debts And Mounting Expenses With Funeral Pre-Planning

Depending on the choices made, funerals can be quite expensive. The median cost for a funeral with viewing is around $6,970 for cremations and $7,848 for burials. If you choose to have add-on services, have a long guest list, and opt for premium funeral home services, your funeral costs could exceed $10,000 too. 

In your absence, your loved ones may or may not have the funds to take care of the funeral costs. Pre-planning your funeral can help with saving money during your funeral and avoiding funeral debts. Here’s how. 

  • Cost control: 

Pre-planning a funeral allows you to choose the products and services that align with your budget. You can compare different funeral homes, research prices, and make an informed decision. Leaving funeral arrangements up until the last minute could lead to impulsive decisions that may prove to be costly mistakes. 

  • Price protection: 

Funeral costs tend to rise over time due to inflation and other factors. By pre-planning your funeral, you can lock in the current prices for the services and products you choose. This shields you and your family from the impact of future price increases, potentially saving a significant amount of money.

  • Flexible payment options:

Pre-planning allows you to explore different payment options and make financial arrangements in advance. You may have the opportunity to pay for the funeral in a lump sum, set up a payment plan, or even purchase funeral insurance. By spreading out the costs or securing financing early on, you can avoid the burden of immediate significant expenses or unexpected debts for your loved ones.

  • No risk of overspending: 

Without funeral pre-planning, your surviving family members may be inclined to overspend on funeral arrangements due to emotional distress or the desire to provide you with a grand farewell. Pre-planning allows you to establish a budget and communicate your wishes clearly, helping your loved ones make informed decisions and potentially avoiding funeral debts and unnecessary expenses. 

Pre-Planned Funeral Vs Funeral Insurance - Which One To Choose?

You may be in a dilemma about choosing a funeral insurance plan instead of a pre-planned funeral. While funeral insurance can definitely give you some financial protection, funeral pre-planning has its own unique advantages. 

Pre-planning a funeral can be beneficial for you and your loved ones in many ways. It ensures that your final wishes are honored, and it allows you to make important decisions about your funeral yourself. What’s more, it also provides that your loved ones need not worry about the financial implications of making funeral arrangements in your absence. 

Take Control Of Your Funeral Costs With A Pre-Planned Funeral

Most leading funeral homes support the option of pre-planning a funeral. To protect your family’s finances from inflationary pressure and expensive funeral costs, you can approach a local funeral home and begin the process of funeral planning. 

If you decide to have a burial ceremony, it can help to take care of the significant expenses right away, like purchasing a casket. At Titan Casket, we allow you to pre-plan a casket and lock in today’s prices. Browse through more than 1,000 casket options on our website, pre-order a casket, and make your payment upfront or in installments — whatever is convenient for you.