Your Guide to Funeral Planning | 10.07.2022

The Significance of a Blue Casket

The Significance of a Blue Casket

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Buying a casket online

You can easily purchase a blue casket online and opt for home delivery. You should do this when you’re death planning or if a loved one has passed away and the decision is to buy a blue casket. Losing a loved one is an indescribably painful experience that creates many challenges. While having to process your grief, you must make logistical arrangements for a funeral or service, as well as choose a casket if the deceased did not have a death-plan. This seems like a confusing and overwhelming process, but the growth of online resources has simplified choices greatly. By relying on online information and ecommerce sites focused on funerary arrangements, you can make all relevant decisions from the comfort of your own home and even include family and friends to reach a group consensus. 

Why the color matters

One of the most important choices is that of the casket. Which color, finish, material or design should you choose? On Titan Casket’s website, you can completely customize the casket to suit your personal preferences as well as choose from our extensive catalog. Many people determine the look and feel of the casket based on religious beliefs, such as a simple wooden casket for those of Jewish faith and a sturdier embellished wood for Catholics. However, this is by no means a necessity. You can choose a casket’s design based on the personal preferences of the deceased, or even what you believe symbolizes their personality. In this case, one popular choice is a blue casket. Buying a casket online makes life much easier and takes the extra work off your plate.

Blue casket options

A blue casket is a common choice for a variety of reasons:

  • Navy casket - A navy casket is a charming and elegant option. The deep and dark hue is formal and respectful, especially when paired with lighter colored interiors like cream. For flowers, yellow lilies or orchids are a stunning choice that complement the navy while standing out. 
  • Teal casket - A rather unconventional choice, teal caskets are sure to stand out. The greenish-blue color reminiscent of sparkling water is a warm and interesting choice. With a cream or beige interior, the teal casket can be paired with orange roses to really stand out.
  • Sky blue casket  - A far lighter and more airy hue, sky blue is a tranquil and calming color that is welcome at an overwhelming environment like a funeral service. A sky blue casket can be complemented by a deep back interior or even a crisp white. For flowers, pink carnations or peonies are a lovely option on the light blue. 
  • Baby blue casket - A baby blue casket is a light blush of blue, much lighter than a bold sky blue. It is a gentle and sweet shade that is unassuming but attractive. Matched with a cream interior to bring out its paleness and dignity, a sky blue casket would match well with deeper green leafy vines and sunflowers. 

Keep in mind the deceased preferences

While there is no correct way to choose a casket, it is important to keep in mind the preferences of the deceased and what they might have appreciated. Blue is a strong option because it includes a variety of shades and tends to be a generally relaxing color. It also brings up thoughts of the open sky and blue ocean, bringing positivity into a tough circumstance. Titan Casket has a diverse range of blue caskets to choose from, across materials.