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What Happens To A Casket After Cremation?

What Happens To A Casket After Cremation?

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  • Being aware helps
  • Preparing the body for cremation
  • The casket is burnt during cremation
  • Eco-friendly burial options


Why You Need To Know What Happens To Caskets After Cremation

The experience of losing a loved one can be distressing and confusing. The lack of information on the process of cremation and burying a casket keeps family members in the dark about what exactly will happen to the body. In moments of paralyzing grief, a lot of things can feel beyond your control. However, by actively learning about casket cremation, you can dispel a lot of anxiety. Purchasing a cremation casket online is only one step in this process. Using online resources, you can learn about the steps taken by technicians and crematory experts in preparing the body for cremation or burial.

The Preparation For Cremation

Depending on the person’s last wishes or spiritual beliefs, they will be cremated or buried. The cremation process is a simple but structured one. Prior to the actual cremation, the body undergoes multiple preparatory steps.

The body is stored in a special refrigerator unit in the funeral parlor until the death certificate is procured and arrangements can begin. Once this is done, the body is placed in a casket that is chosen by the family for this purpose. The casket has a placard with an identifying name and number. The crematorium technicians use this number to ensure that there is no mix-up in the bodies during cremation.

How Is The Casket Involved In Cremation?

In the cremation chamber, the casket is placed with the body inside. Any items that could cause an explosion under heat are removed, such as watches or pacemakers. A common misconception is that metals too must be removed. However, this is not the case and they simply melt down in the chamber. Temperatures in the chamber go up to 750 C, and wooden caskets burn most evenly. The casket burns first, followed by the body. A cremulator turns any remains to fine ash. Caskets are specially designed to be entirely destroyed during cremation. They are not reused, despite assumptions that this is the case.

How Does Cremation Work?
Here's Titan Casket's informative guide on how cremation works and why it has become more common in the United States in recent years.

Caskets For Burial

While a casket is not always legally required for cremation, another option is to conduct a burial. There are fewer restrictions on what can be included in the casket during burial, and there are a variety of options for grave locations and space. Purchasing a casket online can simplify this process. Buying a casket online can also help you explore the option of a natural casket. This is an eco-friendly option that ensures the casket will be biodegradable and not contribute towards pollution of the land. Excellent choices for a natural casket can be found at Titan Casket, where you can choose from seagrass, bamboo, willow or pine box caskets online. 



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