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What is a Coffin-Themed Wedding?

What is a Coffin-Themed Wedding?

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What Is A Coffin Themed Wedding?

A coffin-themed wedding is a wedding that relies on props, décor and other aspects related to coffins and burials. It may seem like an unexpected idea, but many people who want to put an out-of-the-ordinary spin on their wedding tend to choose themes like this. If you or someone you know is planning a wedding that needs to be surprising and provocative, a coffin-themed ceremony may be just what fits the bill. 

Coffin-themed weddings have itineraries that may be similar to the standard wedding ceremony. The main difference lies in the theme, the decoration, the menu for the food served and other such specifics. 

Why Host A Coffin Themed Wedding?

If you’ve never been to a coffin-themed wedding (they can be quite rare), you may be puzzled about the reasons people choose to have it as a theme. However, as it turns out, there are many reasons a coffin-themed ceremony may be fitting for a couple. Here are some such possible scenarios.

1. The Ceremony May Coincide With Halloween
For a wedding ceremony that coincides with Halloween week, using coffins as the theme may be a suitable choice. It adds to the festive mood and helps everybody attending the wedding get into the holiday state of mind more easily. If the ceremony falls right on Halloween itself, this may be even more fitting. 
2. Coffins May Be An Integral Part of the Couple’s Lives
For some couples, coffins may be an integral part of their lives. They may have an interest in vampires or a taste for gothic style, or they may be undertakers. Alternatively, they may have met at a cemetery, and a coffin-themed wedding could be a nod to how their story together began. For various sentimental reasons like this, some people may choose an extraordinary theme such as coffins.
3. Some People Believe It Symbolizes Eternal Love
Coffins represent death for most people, but some couples may attribute the idea of a coffin to eternal love that lasts in life and in death. Having a coffin-themed wedding may be their nod to the idea that “death do us part” or an ode to the kind of love that transcends life on earth. This is a nice sentiment that puts a positive spin on coffins and burials.


5 Coffin Themed Wedding Ideas You Can Use

If you want to host a coffin-themed wedding ceremony for yourself or for a close friend or member of your family, you will need some exciting ideas to get you started. Check out 5 such coffin-themed wedding ideas below.

1. Have a coffin-themed wedding photoshoot
A coffin-themed wedding photoshoot can help you get into the idea more easily. It will also help you create lasting memories of your unusual wedding theme. You can check out coffin-themed photoshoots online to plan your poses and get better ideas for your pre-wedding or post-wedding shots. 
2. Host your ceremony in a cemetery
If coffins are what you want for your wedding ceremony, what better place to host your wedding than at a cemetery? If you or any of your friends own a private cemetery, it may be a suitable choice. As for public cemeteries, make sure you have the necessary permissions though, before you plan a wedding there. 
3. Have Halloween foods on your menu
In case your wedding coincides with Halloween, you can bring in the holiday spirit with a wedding menu that is full novelty Halloween recipes. If you have a famous Halloween-themed recipe that is enjoyed by your family, you can include it in the menu. Other popular ideas include charcuterie boards, dramatic appetizers, a trick-or-treats table and lots of pumpkin-based foods. 
4. Use a coffin to carry the bride to the altar
It’s been done before, and you could do it again in your coffin-themed wedding. Although it may be a bit unconventional, you may as well go all out and do full justice to your wedding theme with this “out-of-the-box” idea. Additionally, given the theme, it will be an apt way for the bride to make an entry. 
5. Give out coffin-themed wedding favors
Coffin-themed wedding favors will be a nice way to wrap up your wedding ceremony without compromising on the core idea of your big day. You can find coffin-shaped gift boxes online, or even coffin-shaped rings for the women in the guest list. 


Put an Unusual Spin on Your Big Day With This Idea!

The ideas outlined above are only a small sliver of how unique your coffin-themed wedding could be. If you plan it well, your wedding may be the talk of your family (in a good way, of course) for a long time to come. And like all weddings, no matter the theme, your coffin-based ceremony will also no doubt help create wonderful memories for everyone you invite.