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What Is An English Willow Coffin

What Is An English Willow Coffin



What Are English Willow Coffins?

English Willow coffins are some of the finest handmade willow woven coffins. These containers can either be cremated, as a cremation container, or buried in the earth. The willow has the regenerative capability to come from one crown for more than thirty odd-years, making this material the perfect sustainable alternative to wooden or steel caskets. 

Purchasing an English Willow may be a great way of honoring your departed loved one while also being mindful of your environmental footprint. These caskets also come with a Viewing-lid, suitable for a service or an open casket viewing. 

How Are English Willow Coffins Manufactured?

The English Willow is almost always manufactured through traditional methods and careful craftsmanship. It has a plait at the bottom of its lid, which usually comes with a stripe across its middle section. The detailing on the casket is what makes it stand apart from the rest. The willow bark is extracted through stripping and then boiled and dried to achieve the natural dye in the casket. Natural colors may be added to this process. For generations, the Willow weaving artisans have practiced the art of making a weave casket. These weaves are traditionally from the Somerset levels. 

Why Purchase An English Willow Coffin?

There are plenty of reasons why you would decide to purchase an English Willow coffin, as follows:

  • First, if your loved one was looking for an environmentally-friendly mode of service, you may consider using an English Willow for their funeral. This earthy-looking coffin has been crafted to be biodegradable.
  • If the departed wished to be back with nature, this is a way of honoring that commitment.
  • Whether they are cremated or buried, this option caters to either of these demands.
  • While acquiring the perfect English Willow, you may make beautiful personalization to the coffin that could reflect your loved one’s personality or likes.
  • These coffins are an excellent value for your money. Their prices range from $450- $ 1,200, while most steel caskets start at $1,000. 

When Not To Purchase An English Willow?

While there may be several perks to purchasing an English Willow, you must be made aware of some disadvantages they come with.

  • These coffins are made by weaving willow, so they may not be exceptionally sturdy. They are ideal for smaller and lighter bodies. However, they may fail to contain fairly large and heavy bodies. 
  • Given their frangible nature, these caskets may need to be purchased after one’s death and not kept in storage before. 
  • While most caskets allow you to choose amongst several sized caskets, the English Willow usually comes with a limited number of sizing options. You must also be sure to ensure quality control. 
  • These coffins have very specific manufacturing. It is very easy for things to go wrong in the process. 

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