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What Is An Urn Vault And Do You Need One?

What Is An Urn Vault And Do You Need One?

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What Is An Urn Vault? 

An urn vault is a protective casing for the urn that you plan to bury or cremate. Based on the funeral home, you may have to buy a vault for your urn. It’s also suggested that you do so. We’ll get into that in a bit. 

Dealing with the death of a loved one will simultaneously worry you about the funeral requirements and can make the entire process feel overwhelming. In all of this, taking care of the budget and arranging for all the necessary things is at the top of the list of priorities. An urn is meant to carry the ashes of your loved one. You may choose to keep the urn or have it sent to other family members. If you are looking to cremate or bury the urn, that’s when an urn vault will come into play. Urn vaults are protective in nature and can be personalized to fit your budget and type. 

Reasons For Buying An Urn Vault 

If you’re unsure of the purpose of an urn vault and are contemplating why you should get one, here are a few reasons for you to consider getting one for your urn. 

  1. Protection

As mentioned above, urn vaults are protective casings for the urn and the ashes that it holds. Urn vaults are basically containers that are sealed from the outside. They are made of materials like stone, marble, stainless steel, plastic or fiberglass. These materials are sturdy and can hold the urn securely in the ground. If you’re looking to bury the urn with the urn vault, you can get one of high quality that promises durability. On the other hand, if you’re looking for an urn for cremation, you can get an urn vault made of a simple material that aids the cremation process. Urn vaults protect the urn from the weight of the earth, with sand settling on the urn over time or heavy machinery being used on the land.  It also protects the container from natural elements that can destroy the beautiful urn. While burying an urn, you should know that the urn will experience downward soil pressure and so an urn vault is meant to withstand this. Urn vaults also protect the urn from elements like dust, water, soil, and other gravesite elements from entering or destroying the urn. 

  1. Adding a layer of aesthetics 
Urns in themselves can be beautiful containers. The inlays and embroiderers on an urn can speak volumes of the kind of person your loved one was. You can choose the color of the urn and also add images to the urn to really personalize the item. 
You can do the same with an urn vault. Urn vaults can be gracious and attractive cases made out of a material of your choice and a design that you prefer. From picking the colors, to finding the motif or design, choosing a shape, and customizing the urn vault with texts and images, you can do so much with an urn vault. 
Add a special note to the deceased and insert a picture of them in the vault to show your admiration and respect for your loved one. 
  1. Staying stress-free 
While parting ways with your loved one, you are possibly only worried about the protection of the casket or urn that your loved one will be resting in. An urn vault automatically takes the stress of protection away. Another thing that people don’t consider before burying an urn is that there might be a time that you will want to or will have to relocate the urn. At a time like this, it’s always good to have an urn vault protecting the urn.
The urn vault will also prevent the urn from experiencing any natural damage and knowing this is enough to keep your mind at peace. 

Bidding Adieu The Right Way 

If you’re organizing the funeral or have a role in arranging and serving together, do keep in mind to check the funeral home rules and get an urn vault for your loved one’s ashes. An urn vault will not only safeguard the urn but also will make it easier for you to process your loss knowing that the remains of your loved one are safe and secured. If you’re looking for a trustworthy supplier online, you could head over to Titan Casket to find the urn of your choice and have it customized to your needs!