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What Size Urn Do You Need for a Loved One’s Ashes?

What Size Urn Do You Need for a Loved One’s Ashes?

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Cremation urns are a special compartment that locks up and holds the ashes or remains of your loved one. Most likely, these are the ashes of your close ones, like your life partner, a family member, a friend, or even your beloved pet. It's common to consider cremation urns as the ideal resting place for the ashes.

When choosing the size of an urn for your loved one, you first need to consider the weight of the cremated remains.

Given the significance of cremation urns, it's crucial to choose from urn sizes correctly. This guide shares valuable insight into selecting the right cremation urn size for your loved one's ashes.

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Step-By-Step Guide To Select The Right Cremation Urn Size

Here is a step-by-step roadmap to help you choose the ideal size cremation urn for your loved one's ashes. 

Step 1: Know The Amount Of Ashes The Urn Can Hold

The weight of your deceased loved one is crucial as different urns hold distinct amounts of cremated remains. Knowing their body weight will let you shortlist the selection process swiftly. Here's a list of the expected volumes of cremation urns:

  • Keepsake Ash Urns typically hold about 1 to 6 cubic inches of ashes.
  • Infant and Child Urns: It can have 12 to 90 cubic inches of ashes.
  • Companion Urns: It can hold up to 500 cubic inches of your loved one's cremated remains.
  • Individual Cremation Urns: It can hold approximately 200-250 cubic inches of your loved one's cremated remains.

It's imperative to know that the internal volume of every urn varies. These numbers will help you determine what category of urns to start looking for.

Step 2: Ask Yourself Whether You're Going To Share The Ashes With Friends/Family.

If you're planning to share the ashes with friends, parents, children, siblings, or other relatives, the process will eventually reduce the volume required for the urn. If you've planned to share the ashes with many individuals, estimating the reduced volume would be around 10-20 cubic inches for the urn would be best.

However, if you only decide to share a small number of ashes with one or two people, there won't be any significant reduction in the ashes' volume.

Step 3: Consider Whether You're Going To Add More Ashes Into The Urn In The Future

At times, families can consider buying a larger size cremation urn than what was required in the beginning due to some circumstances.

In many cases, the surviving spouse decides to buy a companion urn. That's because they'd like their ashes to be kept together with the ashes of their loved ones after their demise. In the event of a child's death, most parents decide to buy a larger cremation urn to keep their ashes together with their child after their death.

Plus, the memorial urns are not always designed for holding just cremated remains. Families can decide to incorporate small remembrances or mementos in their loved one's urns along with the ashes.

These souvenirs can include a novel, favorite hat, wedding band, watch, or picture they loved and cherished. In such cases, choose a cremation urn that can hold things apart from ashes than required so that you can easily add mementos when/if needed.

Step 4: Consider The Place Where You'll Keep & Display The Cremation Urn

The place where you'll keep the urn is a personal decision that varies from family to family and person to person. Some may decide to keep the urn in a gathering place, like the drawing room, while others may choose to keep it somewhere private, like their bedroom.

A memorial urn showcase can impact the urn size you pick. Some cremation urns, like the ones available at Titan Casket are highly decorative and visually appealing, adding warmth and elegant essence to the home's interior decor.

Step 5: Consider The Budget

The budget is critical in assisting families in selecting a cremation urn. The price of the urn varies depending on the material, the size, the personalization options, and the decorative elements.

  • If you're on a tight budget, go for a minimalistic wood urn.
  • It would be best if you went for a better decorative urn on a moderate budget.
  • If budget isn't an issue for you, an artistic urn is the right choice.


Formula To Calculate The Right Urn Size For Your Loved One

Before you buy cremation urns online, it's imperative to know that they come in different sizes and shapes. The typical notion is that you'll need one cubic inch of space for every pound of the individual/pet's total weight.

So, for instance, if your loved one used to weigh 140 lbs, you'll have to buy an urn that's 140 cubic inches or more. You have to calculate the ideal urn size and then make a purchase.

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Ending Note

When someone buys cremation urns online, they often overlook the factors crucial to purchase consideration, which is evident given the devastating state of mind.

However, with Titan Casket by your side, you won't have to worry about anything. Just consider this guide to know what you need and place the order.