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When and How to Buy a Bronze Color Casket

When and How to Buy a Bronze Color Casket

Reviewed By: Scott Ginsberg

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Bronze caskets are made almost entirely out of the bronze alloy and are considered some of the highest quality caskets available in metal caskets - the other options being copper and steel. Although bronze caskets are more durable, stainless steel caskets still remain the norm in the United States due to availability and pricing. However you can achieve the look of a bronze color casket by opting for a customizable steel casket with a bronze finish.

Bronze Caskets

While browsing for caskets, you might have come across a bronze casket or a bronze color casket. Bronze is known for being durable and resistant to rust and corrosion, and this is why it is considered one of the premium options. 

However, this also makes pure bronze caskets very expensive. A casket made entirely of bronze would typically cost at least $3000, if not more. This can be a difficult amount for many people, especially because a casket is just one of the expenses that go into planning a funeral. Another reason people do not opt for a casket made entirely of bronze is if they are environmentally conscious and do not appreciate the longer decay time.

Steel Caskets with Bronze Finish

It is completely natural to desire a premium quality strong metal casket for your loved one’s final resting place. At the same time, many people struggle with managing the expenses of a funeral without breaking the bank. For this reason, picking a steel casket with a bronze finish is an increasingly popular option. Another advantage of picking a steel casket with a bronze finish is that you can choose from among different looks of bronze - for example, a polished look versus a brushed look.

If you opt to buy a casket online, you will find affordable options for a bronze color casket. For example, at Titan Casket, you can buy a stainless steel casket with a bronze finish based on your budget. We have models starting at prices as low as $1099 and our caskets are fully customizable.

When and How to Buy a Bronze Casket

A bronze casket is the ideal choice for those seeking a casket that is extremely long lasting and very slow to decompose. This concept can provide a lot of comfort to those grieving the loss of a loved one. Alternatively, a steel casket with a bronze exterior can give you the same elegant look without the extreme financial burden. With the emergence of online casket retailers, you can purchase a bronze casket to your liking without stepping out and have it delivered to your funeral home for free.

Once you have figured out your budget constraints, you can start looking at the type of bronze casket you would like to buy. You can browse through many different looks for your bronze casket on Titan Casket. All our caskets are customizable and can be made with a bronze finish, and we have several models available to suit different budgets. We can also ship the casket to your funeral home for free, and as per The Funeral Rule by the FTC, the funeral home cannot object.